jheyel27's Reading List

  • His Secret Wife
    7.6M 100K

    I'm Cassandra Talavera or should I say, Cassandra Talavera-Sarmiento. And being his wife is my biggest secret.

  • Hot Gangsters VS. Cold Princesses
    8.5M 120K

    "It's one of those things you won't understand unless it happens to you" -Author.

  • Her Gangster Life #Wattys2016
    3.4M 78.1K

    Highest ranking: #1 in Action -- -Troublemakers -Brutal -Bad Ass -Hard Headed B*tches And worst of all.. they are all DEMONS. 'Yan ang klase ng mga estudyante sa school na mapapasukan ni Saph (a completely harmless girl) enters Death Academy. And then this guy (Zero Natsugawa) met her. A total bad ass who's just c...

  • Her Gangster Life 2
    2.7M 64.9K

    Highest ranking: #1 in Action -- They abandoned me. They've thrown me away. I hated them. But twelve angels came and helped me. And now, it's Payback Time! -- Bad_GangsterGirl

  • Raised By WOLVES
    1.2M 23.7K

    A 5 year old Girl was saved and raised by a wolf name Crescent , at her young age she fell inlove with him .She became it's special slave for almost 12 years . But in her seventeen years old celebration she discovered something . She's not a normal human as she thought . but rather she's a Vampire the Mortal enemy...

  • School of Gangsters
    8.3M 111K

    Ang istoryang ito ay tungkol sa dalawang mag-kaibigan na mapapadpad sa paaralan na puro gangsters at simula nang pumasok sila doon ay malaki ang nagbago sa buhay nila. JUNE 2012-SEPTEMBER 2013.

  • Almost.
    2.2M 30K

    No one knows. Nobody needs to know. It was really close. It is almost there pero hindi kami pinagpareho ng tadhana. (If you'll going to notice, some parts are being edited so expect that something will definitely change. ) -- Written by: Teasethisgirl This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, busines...

    Completed   Mature
  • Famous Meets Bad Girl (Published Under Summit Media)
    20.1M 329K

    Published under Pop Fiction. Available at bookstores/convenience stores nationwide for 195php. Taglish. Completed. Two kindred hearts from two different worlds collide and find love. Princess Trish Lua is a certified bad girl. She always win an argument and nobody can beat her whenever she starts explaining herself...

  • Trip In Love or Fall In Love? (PUBLISHED)
    28.3M 275K

    Is it Trip in Love or Fall In Love?

  • My Jealous Stepbrother (Book 3)
    4.3M 60.4K

    [MJS BOOK 3] JD wants revenge for what they did to Rina. But, as the new page of their story begins, someone from his past will come back and will ruin everything that he just started. New allies and old enemies. Love over trust. Betrayal over passion and rules over matter. Can their taboo relationship make it until...

  • Half Dead
    3.1M 39.5K

    Adrian is a nerd yet childish college guy. Life can't get any worse than his. But as he woke up one day, he became the complete opposite. For now he possesses the body of an Ultimate heartthrob. He gets girls, praises, and consideration. But there is one really tiny problem. . . . He’s DEAD.

  • I'm in Love with a DOTA Player (with TV adaptation)
    14M 204K

    Adapted by TV5's Wattpad Presents Starring Mark Neumann and Shaira Mae Dela Cruz. Dota Player? Sus walang inatupag yan kung hindi Dota! Dota! Dota! Halos wala na silang oras sayo. Kaya nga sabi ko sa sarili ko hindi ako mahuhulog sa isang Dota Player. Kaso may isang bagay akong hindi inaasahan.. masarap pala mag mah...

  • Lana's List (Taglish)
    6.2M 136K

    There are two kinds of guys: the unreachable one (out of your league); and the reachable one (kaya pang pantayan). Alamin mo kung nasaang category yung gusto mong guy. Kapag nasa unreachable siya, stop fussing over him. Kalimutan mo na. Hanggang pangarap nalang yan, girl. Pero kapag nasa reachable siya, may chance ka...

  • Halikan Kita Dyan Eh! (Published under PSICOM)
    8.7M 108K

    “You chose the hard life, I chose to love you.”  Ara Loraine “Rayne” Yen-Sia has everything. Luke JoPierre Zamora Cariño has her heart. And he chose to break it. She chose to run away from everything. She’d moved on and he’s still stuck.  “Bakit mo kailangang mag-move on, when it was you who first let go?”

  • How To Break-up With The Bad Boy? (To be Published)
    15.8M 235K

    [Bad Boy # 1] Monique Aldea never wished for a story as complicated as this. Sa kanya, okay na 'yung isang mabait na boyfriend at 'yung mga kaibigan niya. Things were turning great for her until she met Lourd, the bad boy who was willing to be the best guy just for her. Will she give everything up for him or be the c...

  • Music Academy
    44.5K 1K

    Rhaine is inlove with Yvo. Yvo loves Sophie. Sophie loves Kent. Kent is Kurts' twin. Kurt is inlove with Lia. Lia is Yvo's sister na walang pakialam sa love. Sa mundong tahi tahi ang mga puso nilang anim, may lugar pa kaya ang pangarap? O masisira ba ng pag-ibig ang matatag na samahan ng anim na NightinGales? Sa Musi...

  • When GANGSTERS meet the SADIST
    6.5M 76.5K

    [COMPLETED] Naging MAGULO ang BUHAY ko ng makilala ko ang mga MAAANGAS na to pero aaminin ko naging MASAYA ko ..may POSSIBILITY kaya na MAGUSTUHAN ko ang isa sa KANILA ? sabi sa LAW OF ATTRACTION . do OPPOSITE attracts . Ganun din kaya sa LOVE ? This is a battle between MISSION and AFFECTION. [ NO SOFTCOPIES ]

  • The Bride Hiring Heir (Bride Series: Book 1) >>Completed<<
    5.3M 44.8K

    In Tagalog po ito: A girl in college was forced to sign a contract (contract wife) with the rich hotel heir because of financial problem..the guy was forced to find a wife to clean his image on his gender orientation..people thought he was BAKLA!!!

  • Gangster Royalties (On Going -Under Editing ♥-)
    1.1M 12.4K

    Cliche it may seem but their story is one bumpy roller coaster ride. Are you ready to face the ups and downs of their adventure? Two ice hearts, can they melt in each other's arms or will they forever remain as ice? And hey, who told you they'll have a happy ending? 「 ▌│█║▌║▌║ ParkJiminsProperty ║▌║▌║█│▌」

  • The Heartthrob & The Nerd
    • MsTaxi
    • 91 Parts
    • Updated Jun 12, 2014 12:19PM
    3.8M 37.4K

    Si Kim ay isang certified nerd, pig at panget. She's the most bullied person in campus. Si Jake naman ay isang heartthrob. Isang heartthrob na gwapo, sexy, hot at MASUNGIT. The story of The Hearthrob, The Casanova, The SweetHeart, The Prince and The NERDS. (Under Revision after Complete)

  • My Devil Husband
    2.7M 47K

    They hated each other the first time they've met. Paano pa kaya kapag nalaman nila na naipagkasundo na sila bago pa man sila mabuo bilang tao? Will they eventually fall? Or the hate gets worse?

  • Ang Alalay Kong Astig! ( Published Under Pop Fiction/Summit)
    10M 155K

    Blake Monteverde is a living proof that prince do still exist. He is the ideal boyfriend every teenage girl could dream of. He's the man every lady wishes to date. And he is the perfect husband every woman aspires to marry. He's handsome, intelligent, cool and above all a sole heir of a billion-peso worth company. His...

  • Ang Syota Kong Astig!
    11.6M 129K

    This is the second book of ANG ALALAY KONG ASTIG. A continuation of the love story of the most eligible billionaire bachelor Blake Monteverde and the free spirited skillful fighter police officer Alexandra Valdemor.

  • Heaven's Will
    483K 10.7K

    Can you sacrifice your life for the one you love? TAGLISH. © patyeah

  • Ang Misis Kong Astig!
    6.9M 129K

    The final book of ASTIG SERIES... Married life of extraordinary couple Blake and Alex Monteverde with additional spice from their naughty cutie daughter Cassandra Marlene. Ang Alalay Kong Astig- Book 1 Ang Syota Kong Astig- Book 2

  • Shouldn't Have Said
    619K 16.4K

    There are so many things that I want to tell you but I know I shouldn't. It's just like how I shouldn't have said, I love you too.

  • Fall Again [completed]
    6.1M 117K

    [A Wife's Cry Side Story] Matapos ang pang-iiwang ginawa ng naka-relasyong high school teacher noon, isinilang ang isang bagong Leila Perez. Pero paano kung makalipas ang maraming taon ay bumalik si Sir Levi Alarcon? Magagawa niya pa kaya itong mahalin muli katulad ng dati? #Wattys2015

  • Sinclaire Academy
    6.5M 140K

    Sinclaire Academy is the most Elite School in Hangrove; A school where your dreams become your worst nightmare; A school where Social Status, Rank, and Blood are everything. To make it short, Sinclaire Academy is an Elite School for Humans and Vampires Do you dare to enter? Adrianna Walter never knew what she was in...

  • Unkiss Me
    3.9M 104K

    Casiel Antonniette Consunji had a perfect life. She had a job - that she loves, a perfect family, an expensive car - she had everything life has to offer - perks of being a Consunji Princess. But her life got complicated when a controversy ruined everything in her life. She had nothing left to do but leave their hou...

    Completed   Mature