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  • My Secret Treasure
    496K 20.2K 93

    *Read It!!* Treasure Harris just wants to be happy again without having to pretend. She's a single parent who got tired of her baby daddy bullshit and called it quits. Her best friends and cousin takes her on a well needed vacation to get her minds off of things. She ends up running into her ultimate celebrity crush...

  • Love Me Naked|Dave East
    683K 25.5K 104

    26 year old Parker Hardware is a successful black woman who strives on her own working as a therapist. Growing up as the young girl with perms and hot combs, her life later changed to weaves and lace fronts. With difficulty finding her inner self in a brain washed world, she wanted to find peace and love. After a 4 ye...

    Completed   Mature
  • Faith
    1.7M 67.5K 94

    Read and find out

  • You For Me (L.B)
    164K 6.8K 76

    IF YOU HAVENT READ THE FIRST BOOK! GO READ IT NOW! ______ ❝it seems like forever, that I have waited for you❞ Yasmine and Lamelo are back in this sequel to VALENTINE. Lamelo is currently playing in Lithuania, while Yasmine is still back in the states. How does their story unfold, with new relationships, and jealously?

  • When The Sun Shines (Stephen Curry)
    24.4K 590 27

    Mia is a 12 year old girl living in a foster home. She doesn't have much friends, but she's very well educated. She knows what her goals are in life. Stephen Curry is a single NBA star. 1 kid named Ryan (son), and he's not married. Just a man with a dream. What happens when Stephen actually decides to adopt after a wh...

  • Ball Or Nothing
    58K 1.8K 37

    Jordan Lopez is Brook and Robin's younger sister. Instead of living in her older brothers shadows, Jordan is making a name for herself on the court. Becoming Brooklyn's hero while at it. This 15 year old basketball sensation is really making a name for herself. LaMelo Ball is the youngest of the Ball family. Scoring 9...

  • You promised me
    326K 19.2K 92

    Jaelynn loves everything fashion. She decided to become a stylist to the stars. But one client will test her outlook on love. Just read it!

  • Everything 1k {LaMelo Ball}
    112K 2.6K 36

    When Kayla has to move from Brooklyn to California because of a tragic incident in her life, she thought things could only go downhill from that point on. Her mother passed from pneumonia that wasn't treated fast enough and her father was never in her life. She's forced to move in with her Uncle Joe and her cousin Jan...

  • Crumble
    400K 25.2K 210

    Zoli is trying to live her life the best way she knows how. But someone is about to come into her life and shake it up. And he can't keep his hands off of her! Copyright © 2018 by craziilnlove

    Completed   Mature
  • Into You ;LaMelo Ball
    218K 4.3K 67

    ❣️LaMelo Ball❣️

  • The Girl With The Tattoos
    430K 14.8K 97

    She has Tattoos on her arms, no one sees her face, no one knows her name. She's a fighter, fighting for her life, the only thing she shows is her tattoos. They call her The Tattoo Man. A/N I own everything, don't steal or copy my story. Hate comments and complaints will be deleted. Don't advertise your books on here o...

  • The Girl who Fought to Provide
    1.8M 63.9K 48

    Ava Vice is simply The Girl who Fought to Provide, her brother is the only person she has and the only person she worries about more than herself, as long as her brother is fed and has a roof over his head, she didn't care about anything else. She's had the weight of the world on her shoulders since that tragic night...

  • Brown Skinned | ybn nahmir
    84.9K 4.1K 31

    "I don't really like brown skinned girls like that." ________________ Highest rankings: - #1 in 2k18 - #2 in ybngang -#115 in 2018

  • Im Into You ||August Alsina Fan-Fic
    376K 12.9K 50

    Renae was a girl who was a little insecure and bullied throughout fourth grade until now. She feels unwanted but only love by her mother Until one day she meets august who turns her frown into a smile. He teached her how to love and said 'I'm Into You' and her feelings grew for him. go along with their journey throug...