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  • Bathtub [Gaara x Reader]
    70.9K 1.9K 3

    You're Gaaras adopted sister though you don't know about the adoption. One day you persuade Gaara to take a bath with you, since "siblings" do that... ~This will be a short story with 3 parts~

  • Gaara X Reader Lemon
    17.3K 237 1

    This is my first lemon so plz tell me if I made and mistakes:^

  • Anxiety
    446 22 2

    [FEM Reader x Underfell sans] anx·i·e·ty aNGˈzīədē/ noun a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

  • Royalty {Undermafia! Sans X Reader}
    43.1K 1.7K 18

    A place full of hit men and death. A place where the mafia thrives. Will you be killed...or warm a Skeleton's stone cold heart.

  • Error Sans X Reader
    296K 7.3K 37

    This is for my readers I hope ya enjoy this. See ya on the other side Buddy.

  • Chasing Stars
    216 4 6

    Crying. That's how us human express our emotions. Whether it's happy tears, sad tear, tears of joy, or tears of pain. Crying helps. I remember after it happened all I did was cry...I cried for day, weeks, months. Until one day I ran out of tears... then he came into my life and showed me what it was to cry again. He m...

  • -Alone...- (Septiplier)[ON HOLD]
    39K 1.1K 9

    SEPTIPLIER Prompt: After he watched Mark's 'Opening Fan Mail' video, pleading for Jack to come get his 'pillow case' from him and saying very sadly "I'm so lonely here...", Sean McLoughlin felt his heart throb in agony to see what had become of his best friend. He needed to make Mark's pain go away. The Irishma...

  • Living with Opposites (Danti & Septiplier)
    12.1K 379 24

    Sean and Mark get a surprise visit from Dark and Anti. How will Sean and Mark cope with a perverted smoke demon and a sexy green creature?

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't You Dare Darkiplier x Reader
    126K 4K 34

    Y/n is always on YouTube constantly watching her favorite YouTuber, Markiplier. Suddenly Mark doesn't act the same way he was before. He seemed dark and evil like. Mark doesn't post for days on end and she only knows the changes. What happens when her world is turned upside down?

  • You're Mine ( Antiseptceye x reader )
    145K 2.1K 16

    Your a famous YouTuber that knows many other YouTuber. One night when you and your friend Jacksepticeye, or Jack for short, have a sleepover together, you learn a dark side about your Irish friend.

  • Googleplier X reader {Discontinued Version}
    47.2K 1.2K 24

    It's a book,you can read it I guess. It's crap though. Btw I don't own the art for the cover-

  • A New Kind Of Love (Googleplier x Reader)
    110K 2.6K 32

    You have a really hot robot sent to your apartment and he has absolutely no concept of personal space also there might be adventures or something

  • Programmed ::Googleplier x Reader::
    189K 6.9K 43

    ((sorry. this is old and rushed and in general, sucks. i got excited about the attention it got and im SO grateful for the support. forever love you guys.)) Your Dad has sent you the latest prototype of Google Companion (Thanks dad!). However, you aren't exactly the definition of a social person, and you aren't quite...

  • Cracking Jokes «Sequel To LBB»
    2K 146 1

    You Guys Might've Wanted It! This Is Book Two Of Little Baby Boss! X3

  • Tranceformers
    1.2K 35 24

    Shadow a girl who was leaving in a life of crime gets a chance to have a new family!