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  • Neighbors //sammy wilk//
    77.7K 1.4K 16

    Emma Gilinsky is jack Gilinsky's cousin. She is 19 years old. Emma recently moved. Her cousin jack (G) lives a street away. Jack and Emma are like best friends yet Emma has never met his friends. But when she finds out one of his close friends is her neighbor (sammy wilk) will she fall for him?

  • Cameron's sister (Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier fan fic)
    603K 8.9K 41

    Everyone thinks being Cameron Dallas's sister would great right? Not when he is the most protective brother ever, and what is he going to think when you're in love with his best friend Nash?

  • Kidnapped
    17.3K 588 12

    Three teenage boys are required to kidnap the beautiful Vanessa Castro from her home. They must protect her and prove to their leader that they are capable of anything. Shawn Mendes and Cameron Dallas must obey their leader Nash Grier to keep things sane and orderly but who will step out of line? Will a love triangle...

  • Cameron Dallas's sister
    23.8K 380 32

    Emily Dallas is Cameron Dallas's little sister. When Cameron goes to boarding school at the age of 13 he stops calling home to talk to Emily. Soon enough he looses all his contact with Emily and stops coming home during the school breaks. While he's away at boarding school he becomes vine famous. Emily swears to herse...