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  • Viva la Vida
    45.9K 1.5K 42

    Pan doesn't pretend to be normal. She knows she's an outcast, and she's come to accept that. But after being hired by Trunks due to school project she finds herself growing closer to her old friend. Pan has a secret though, and Trunks has problems that relate back to his childhood. Can these two help each other? And w...

  • Leave Out All The Rest
    34.2K 1.2K 50

    After one night of tourmenting a babysitter together Trunks and Pan became close friends. When Pan is ten years old she goes with her Grandpa to New York where she soon lands herself in big trouble. Years pass and Pan is now sixteen with physical and emotional scars from her past and a stalker that doesn't want to giv...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Regrets [A DBZ Fanfiction]
    39.2K 917 28

    Bulma loves Goku. Goku loves Bulma...but Bulma is pregnant with Vegeta's child and Goku is married to Chichi. Is it too late for these two best friends to be together with no regrets between them? Thank goodness for those dragonballs! Please read & comment and I will <3 you forever!

  • Saiyan Love
    22.8K 466 20

    Bulma is a rare powerful blue saiyan on Planet Vegeta. She is choosen by Prince Vegeta to be on his Elite mission team. What happens when they realize they mean more to each other than comrades? Will they come together or be torn apart? Contains some GXCC but mostly BXV. Btw forgot to say I don't own DBZ period the...

  • The Woes Of Dreams
    42.2K 1K 50

    One week- that's how long it took for Trunks Briefs life to be turned upside down, and it was all because of Pan Son. But Pan's life is changing too... Bad dreams turn into gruesome ones. Even though Trunks tries to help, he knows he can't. This is one battle Pan has to fight... But she won't be alone. Formly named 'A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Young Love
    11.5K 375 21

    Bulma is a talented teen that attends West City High. Her best friend,Vegeta Ouji,also goes to the school as well. What happens when they realize they care more about one another then just friends? Love sparks as the two face their last year of high school. Luckily,they have the gang to help out along the way. Disclai...