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  • A Tomboy Living With Boys
    653K 19.6K 29

    [COMPLETED] •I'm Sam McClain and I am a stereotypical, tomboy. My dad works a lot, work trips which go on for months at times. My mom died recently and my dad ships me off to live with his work pal... who has a few sons. This is my story of how my life turned into hell, with a twist or maybe a first kiss? Who knows, i...

  • My Life With The Garrisons
    2M 47.4K 40

    When Raine losses the only person who can care for her, she is forced to move to Georgia and start all over. She soon finds out that Living with the nine of the Garrison boys is hecktick. Having to basically start her whole life over and live with a whole bunch of teenage hormonal boys isn't something Raine planed on...

  • The Bad Boy Saved My Life #Wattys2016
    5M 148K 34

    Peyton Hills has it all. She has a perfect life, surrounded by loving and supportive parents who shockingly aren't divorced. She is surrounded by popularity, love and affection. She sits at the popular table at lunch and is nice to everyone- even the nerds. But her perfect life goes crashing down hill and turns into...

  • Little Things ♡ Dylan Dauzat
    77.2K 1.8K 27

    THIS IS A SEQUEL TO "SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW" You will love and understand this fanfic a lot more if you read the first one :) And if you have? Well u should love this one, too :)

  • Somewhere Only We Know ♡ Dylan Dauzat
    169K 4K 30

    to break your heart, and put it back together again

  • The Jerk Next Door
    201K 6.7K 19

    Sophia Hunts is your typical sophisticated geek but the difference is she's popular and you want to know why? It's because she lives next to Jace Carter, the hottest guy in West Bridge High. Jace Carter is the biggest player and the jerk as they call him. They've been neighbors since birth but they never once had...

  • Mr. Bad Boy's Kitten
    1M 26.3K 26

    "Don't fight it, Kitten." He said, leaning over me as my back hit the wall. His face leaned down as his lips hovered over mine, close to contact. "Fight what?" I let out breathlessly. He gave me his cocky smirk and looked into my eyes with his blackened ones. "Your feelings for me. The good girl always falls for the...

  • I'm With You
    3.5K 86 4

    Bella was a girl who had it all. She was the best dancer at her high school, she had good grades, had the two best of friends anyone could as for and a seemingly perfect gorgeous boy by her side. But what happens when the people who are supposedly closest to you do the worst. You break...

  • Giving up on him #2014WattyWinner
    1.7M 53.4K 32

    The day that was supposed to be the best day of my life... Had turned into the worst day that I had possibly ever had. It was supposed to be the day that I would tell him exactly how I felt... But fate had other plans. Karma was definitely evil, and fate was indeed cruel. But... I guess this is what I get after wait...

  • Everything We Ever Wanted #wattys2018
    4.7M 121K 42

    REVAMPED version of the ORIGINAL Living With The Bad Boy posted on wattpad in 2012. "Sometimes when you least expect it, you're faced with the one person who could finally change everything for you. Make everything right after so long. All you got to do is take a chance. My brain was against the risk. But my hear...

  • My Badboy Neighbour [SAMPLE, Wattys 2015 Winner]
    21.5M 236K 14

    SAMPLE, PUBLISHED! A girl, a boy, and a bet. Good girl Astrid Ella Bailey, the Oreo-loving school nerd of Evergreen High, has anxiety issues. Like any other nerd, she preferred to bury her nose in her books all day and avoid attention like the plague. She never got into trouble, save for that one time a kid ruined a p...

  • Conflicted (LGBT)
    2.6M 100K 118

    ~ "When I first met you I had no idea how much you would end up meaning to me." ~ When Riley is once again hurled into a new life thanks to his mother's promiscuous lifestyle, he prepares himself for a year of building walls and isolation. However, nothing could have prepared him for the eccentric and captivating...

  • Saving Everest
    17.2M 860K 70

    From the outside Everest Finley had it all. Beautiful cheerleader girlfriend, rich family, star quarterback position, popularity, and good looks. But that's from the outside, and everything isn't as it seems. Everest Finley attempted to commit suicide, putting everyone into shock. The school's king quickly transforms...

  • Boxer Boy
    8.7M 308K 30

    Local Boxer Jerico Wild can only fight his way through matches with the help of his lucky bracelet, with gorgeous looks and a behavior befitting of his last name it is no surprise when he loses his lucky bracelet and there is only one girl whom he asks for help Nova Williams. Quirky and lovable Nova has the personalit...

  • Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED)
    103M 1.8M 63

    Published under Pop Fiction/Summit Media Publishing Company. "I know I'm not the type of girl that you usually go out with. I'm not sexy, I'm not attractive and I'm no fun. I'm plain and boring with no charm at all. The only thing good about me is probably my brain, which everyone finds boring. But I must ask you this...

  • Through His Eyes
    7.7M 351K 35

    What do you think would happen if you started seeing glimpses through your soulmate's eyes, knowing you're due to meet them in a week? [Book #1 of The Soulmate Series] © felicitate | 2015

  • Yes Sir.
    5.4M 152K 63

    Seventeen year old Alissa Jacobson has just started back at school for her final year, faced with the struggles of being a year twelve student she is also fighting her desire for James Mathews, on the surface he was perfect, body and soul, but there was one problem. He is her teacher. Will She ignore her feelings and...

    Completed   Mature