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  • Second Skin
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    A Second Skin is what we call our uniforms, clothing and armor. I wear a Second Skin. I used to be an ordinary girl, but during that time I was extremely anti-social (I still am though, but for different reasons). When I turned twelve, I realized I could talk to animals and so did another boy, named Alex. We perfect...

  • Opposites
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    Meet Kathryn Cook, Katie for short. A popular senior of Eastview High School. She's the queen bee and everyone loves her. She has the greatest friend on the planet and hopefully a boyfriend soon. On the flip side, she has a secret that she deems must stay hidden to all except her best friend, Andrea. Andrea swore to...

  • Briar vs. Charlie
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    "You are very much like a brier bush, Briar." "You say?" "Very thorny and annoying." "Shut the fuck up." "See?" "God dammit." |(c) @FluffAndStuff All Rights Reserved| |cover by @klexos|

  • Go Away, Astrid
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    she thought that it was time to leave, she left her parents alone to grieve, she could take no more torture and pain, but that is just fate's cruel game, alone she left her sister celeste, sinking into her own regrets. |(c) @FluffAndStuff All Rights Reserved| |cover by @fadeawayx|