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  • The Luke Things
    3M 156K 81

    There is more to this giant, cuddly penguin named Luke Hemmings. Credit to Tumblr and parts of Instagram

  • thin walls / calum hood
    5.1M 199K 57

    She sings when she's home alone; he asks her to keep it down. {highest ranking: #2 fanfiction} © 2015 by dimplefeels

  • Loads of 5SOS Shit
    252K 21K 45

    Hello fam!! This is the fourth and (maybe) final installment of the 5SOS Shit series! I hope you enjoy this book! Caution: This book may cause a feels attack and/or a laughing fit. Credit: tumblr :)

  • The 5sos Bible
    7.7M 548K 90

    Open the 5sos bible Credits to Tumblr :) [highest ranking Non-Fiction #12 / Fanfiction #18 / Random #3 ] [cover by me (-royal) so please DON'T copy it or i'll haunt you] ❌ NOT ACCEPTING TRANSLATION REQUESTS ANYMORE TY ❌

  • Project Daddy || a.i
    17.6M 615K 79

    "You can call me daddy." "You cannot be fucking serious."

  • group dms ➵ ashton irwin
    1.4M 52.7K 34

    @ridingash : yo daddy how long's ya dick @Ashton5SOS : longer than you think ;)

  • The Ashton Things
    2.2M 129K 81

    Ashton Irwin can be described as cute, funny, and talented. But there's more. Credit to Tumblr and parts of Instagram

  • The Calum Things
    2.5M 135K 81

    A book filled with all things related to the one and only, Calum Hood. Credit to Tumblr and parts of Instagram

  • 5SOS Dirty Imagines
    1.9M 12.8K 6

    title says it all. Requests are closed and the book is completed.

    Completed   Mature
  • Teach me (L. Hemmings Smut FF)
    153K 4.3K 58

    "You thought it was impossible and yet you fell in love with me..." "you taught me how to love" "and then you died. Teach me how to live without you." "I can't do that now babe."

    Completed   Mature
  • Bullied [5sos]
    276K 8.3K 35

    Alex finds her way to a new school, moving from California's finest state to the big apple,knowing no one but the therapist. A warm welcome from any of the pupils in school would have been necessary, but as the days gathered on, she knew there was none to come, until someone decides to step up. After this, things star...

  • The Dark Angel (Michael Clifford FanFic)
    303K 12.3K 43

    Michael Clifford is not who he seems. He has a dark secret that will soon be unveiled in a dangerous way. Doalim is the universe the dark angels reside in. Michael starts to show his soft side and that could be what's causing him trouble. But will you survive the darkest angel of all?

  • she's mine too • hemmings
    59.3K 1.5K 6

    "Your dream was happening right then, a pregnant girlfriend would've just gotten in the way."