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  • Kolvina : Bringing him back
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    Kol has died in the most horrible way. He was hexed by Kol Michaelson she will stop at nothing to get him back. What happens when the Mystic fall gang find out what she is trying to do and they travel to New Orleans to stop her? Kol/Davina Klaus/Cami Enzo/Caroline Damon/Bonnie Find out more by reading!!!!

  • kolvina : Getting Kol Michelson Back
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    kol has been dead for a couple months and davina is growing desperate to get him back! how far is she willing to go to get him back and will bonnie Bennett help her get back the guys she loaths?Or will she turn her back on davina? the original and the vampire diaries fanfiction crossover read to find out what happens...

  • Davina & Kol: An Unstoppable Love
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    Davina walks on her own alongside Bourbon Street, thinking about her night with Kol as she blushes closing her eyes replying what happened in her head. Davina walks alongside Kol while the Christmas lights were up and smiles at him listening to him speak, “I owed her one for a century today I got to repay that favor...