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  • letters to no one.
    326 54 7

    if someone does happen to find these years from now, you're in for one damn ride.

  • I Will Always Love You (Phan)
    5.1K 241 18

    (I wrote this story over a year ago, it's terrible. I'm sorry in advance) . Dan Howell flies to Japan with his boyfriend, Phil, but the man he returns with is somewhat different. As the wedding draws closer, Phil behaviour becomes more and more unusual. Will their relationship survive? (The first story in the 2026 ser...

  • Picture of a lifetime (Tronnor fanfic)
    280K 12.4K 62

    Everything seemed perfect for Troye and Connor. Their YouTube channels were growing and as Troyes singing career took off Connors interest in photography grew in his free time. Troye noticed Connors interest in photos and for their anniversary he gives him a beautiful camera and attaches a note to the top. 'For y...

  • Love v.s. Hate (michael clifford)
    393K 11.2K 45

    Kasie was stuck in hell. High school. She wasn't a good girl but wasn't bad. She had friends and her grades were ok. The schools punk, Michael Clifford, and her hate each other. What happens when he takes sudden interest in her? Will their relationship stay hate or will it take a change to love?

  • ✔ DRUNK words, SOBER thoughts ✖ hemmings au
    5.5M 190K 68

    Luke's ass sits on a throne at the top of the social chain, but with popularity comes limitations. Don't do this, don't do that. As Luke loses sight of who he is, Ari Quiroz steps into his life. Spunky and loudmouthed, the fearless Filipino teen inadvertently shows Luke what it's like to live life without barricades...

  • Every Bad Boy Needs A Good Girl (Michael Clifford)
    4.9M 130K 65

    Michael Clifford is the bad boy with tattoos, piercings, and purple dyed hair. Ashley Johnson is the good girl that falls for the good guys. Michael hasn't ever really cared for girls; only their sex. Ashley has never fallen in love before. Will they both benefit one another? Every bad boy needs a good girl, right?

  • Remember to Forget
    16.9M 331K 35

    "Why do you like the rain so much?" "It reminds me that I'm still alive." (Luke Hemmings Fanfiction) Copyright to Ashley Royer. All things written by Ashley Royer unless otherwise stated. Not affiliated with 5 Seconds of Summer or any other characters mentioned. AVAILABLE NOW WHEREVER BOOKS ARE SOLD. The publish...

  • Beside You- Ashton Irwin fanfic
    12.9K 399 57

    Avery is in her last year of high school when she moves to Sydney to live with her aunty and uncle when her mums drinking problem gets out of hand. What happens when she starts falling for her new neighbour? Will it work out for them? Will a certain something or someone get in their way? Or will she be forever stuck i...