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  • Would a kiss be too much to ask? [arctic monkeys fanfic]
    37.6K 847 28

    Elise Davis is an sub-popular model. Alex turner is an full time famous rock star. The two meet, what will happen?

  • Arabella (Alex Turner fanfiction)
    21.8K 295 23

    A love(?) story about Alex Turner's obsession with an one night stand called Arabella "Something"... (written by @rafsmont and @anisabelp) This book will probably (most definitely) never be finished, there's just no time and inspiration, we're very sorry, thanks for reading it anyway

  • Stop The World Cause I Wanna Get Off With You
    3.6K 64 11

    Matt and Lucy have been bestfriends for as long as she can remember, but when Lucy watches his band {Arctic Monkeys} play for the first time a lot changes between her and the lead singer Alex Turner. Will this put her friendship with Matt on the line?

  • Electricity (An Alex Turner Fanfic)
    10.3K 262 12

    When Gwen Brooks feels like there's no hope left, a mysterious stranger in a leather jacket comes to help. She soon finds out though, this isn't a stranger. Under strange circumstances, Gwen needs him. Her feelings towards him are mixed, but soon finds out, she may feel more towards him than she thought.

  • Twisted And Deranged • Alex Turner
    81.2K 1.9K 37

    While Violet tries to fend off Alex and his baggage that includes kingpins, drugs, and money, her world is turned upside down.

  • A Certain Romance - Alex Turner -
    94.4K 2.5K 21

    An irritating ignorance of a self-absorbed man had never been an attractive trait to the likes of Sheffield girl, Rose Harper. Although the flirtatiousness of the obnoxious frontman plays it's toll as she develops unwanted feelings towards the singer that she lives in denial of. However, powerful and confused emotions...

  • Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts - Alex Turner/Arctic Monkeys fanfic
    55K 1.2K 38

    Lana Reading is a head strong, independent Sheffield girl. But she is longing for something more than her floundering music career and over-protective best friend. When she meets the Arctic Monkeys, she gets so much more than she bargains for... But will she like her new friends in person, as much as she likes them on...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Wanna Be Yours (Arctic Monkeys Fanfiction)
    163K 6.2K 44

    Leah never thinks much about the trip to California with her best friend, until a hotel room mixup with the arctic monkeys and hollywood drama chasing her tail for it. Alex never thinks much about this next gig in California, after his recent breakup with Arielle. But after a rather awkward meeting between him and a...

  • Arabella Blossom ❥ Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes
    19.9K 761 41

    Arabella and Alex, just the two of them together made his mind collide. His thoughts were influenced by her and showed in his actions, and everything he did, he did for her. His heart belonged to her, yet she had no idea, until he gives her a necklace and makes her a promise. On the last night of their tour, it was as...

    Completed   Mature
  • Flatmate - An Alex Turner Fanfiction
    46.4K 1.6K 20

    ❤️ thankyou to @hexblue for the cover ❤️ When her roommate has to move, Cassy is faced with the problem of finding someone new to share a flat with. So, when Alex Turner, the well-known, attractive lead singer of upcoming indie rock band Arctic Monkeys wants to live with her, what will she do?

  • Fire and the thud
    49.9K 831 36

    Meeting girls at the bar was nothing new for Alex Turner. Who could have guessed that this girl, Arabella, could make him find himself wanting to get back on his trail . But can this attraction last if Alex doesn't find it easy to let go of the past, and someone more than just a band guy walks in Arabella's life?

  • R U Mine Darlin'?
    84.3K 1.6K 51

    One night Chloe Grey meets Alex Turner and her life seems to turn upside down!

  • You're so dark (an Alex Turner fanfic)
    32.7K 677 87

    This is a fanfiction about Alex Turner feeling lost and down like it was not often the case. He's wandering around dark and rainy London without any destination after the situation with the boys escalated and even though he does not want to admit it, they were right, he was a wreck. But maybe the person he will meet t...

  • Why'd you only call me when you're high? (Alex Turner Fanfic)
    30.2K 754 25

    The high. The rush. That's all that Gabrielle cared about. 19 year old Gabrielle Stone was constantly on the chase for that first high that she experienced ever so long ago. Living in a dinky apartment alone, her bills and her drug habbit are only kept up by her natural born talent. Photography. Seeing the world thro...

  • Cigarette Smoker Fiona: An Arctic Monkeys Fanfiction
    12K 327 27

    Fiona meets Nick O'Malley and Jamie Cook after a drunk night with her friends, but what will happen when they introduce her to Matt and Alex and they both take an interest in her? (Previously She's Thunderstorms)

  • Call My Name Darlin'
    2.8K 98 5

    Alex Turner. Your favourite worst nightmare. Rockstar, sweetheart, loveable but an absolute knob. This whole rockstar thing is too much to handle for Murrin and sends her spiralling into things she never thought she could do. Broken hearts, bones and trail of thought. Is it all really worth it? PG-13 strong language...

  • Blindate - An Arctic Monkeys Fanfic
    5.7K 160 15

    Elizabeth Grace Johnson has just been through a really tough breakup, and she's finding it hard to move on. But her friend Ashleigh Carson is bent on convincing her to join an online dating site. When she finally caves, she gets the surprise of her life on her first date- whether she likes it or not.

  • cigarettes ☹ alex turner (IN EDITING)
    100K 2.5K 30

    a student. a teacher. you'd either expect a kinky love story which had no value or a relationship with no more than an ask of academic help. unfortunately that wasn't an option for over anxious kimberly browne and words of velvet alex turner. trigger warning: this story contains content related to dealing with anorexi...

    Completed   Mature
  • In a cheetah print coat
    400 0 6

    Kimberly has been best friends with Alex for as long as she can remember. She was his next door neighbor up until he went on tour around America with the Arctic Monkeys. It's not until they hold a low profile gig at the O2 in Sheffield does she realize that he feels the same way about her. But is it all it seems. Wi...

  • The Meeting Place - Alex Turner
    55.2K 1.6K 38

    Elena Kane never thought the boy she caught staring at her in a cafe on a Sunday afternoon would ever be of any importance to her. But when this brown-eyed boy massively impacts her life, she doesn't know whether it's going to be for better or worse.

  • Familiar Strangers - An Alex Turner Fanfiction
    32.6K 941 22

    ❤️ thankyou to @hexblue for the cover ❤️ Arabella Jade Young is the new girl at St John's private school, a place full of spoilt rich kids, drop-dead gorgeous girls and cocky guys. After she meets the only genuine boy in the school, Miles Kane, she soon learns how people you'd thought had disappeared from your memory...

  • A Certain Romance - Alex Turner
    20.4K 625 30

    Being the best friend of Miles Kane, Jenna Colvert of course has to know the Arctic Monkeys. She comes across the smooth and sexy Alex Turner who finds a way to steal her heart and thoughts. Jenna is a normal girl living in London and Alex is a famous rock star; will the relationship last?

  • paranoid
    12.1K 406 22

    "I don't have a creative bone in my body, yet he must have thousands" "My mother must be sick of this place, she's already had to bury one child, I can't make her bury another. A mother should never out live her children, and she was in danger of outliving her second." Arctic monkeys fanfiction. Charlie is a young de...

  • Crying Lightning
    6.2K 180 11

    Jasmine McAdams is a 20 year old that likes to party and get drunk, but on one of her nights out, she gets so drunk that she sleeps with a mystery guy. She wakes up to find he's a global rock star and soon, they fall in love. A few bumps in the road create the story that is, Crying Lightning.

  • I Wanna Be Yours
    7K 303 26

    A story about a girl named Violet, stuck between two band members. The cocky but brilliant Alex Turner and the cute and talented Mark Foster. {a.t fanfic}

  • 505 - Alex Turner
    19.2K 508 10

    Self absorbed, yet unmistakably charming, the frontman has a way with words that entices me in like no other. Carefully picked and perfectly delivered sentences flow like a gentle river, it's waves only to be rippled by his thick sheffield accent. But when speech is secondary; his body leaves me dumb-founded and I fin...

  • 72 questions
    44.5K 1.4K 69

    Ali is a 22 year old French journalist who moved to London where she landed her dream job working for NME. Now she gets to interview Alex Turner... Easier said than done !

  • Do Me A Favour
    697 31 3

    Ruby, after seeing her ex boyfriend kiss another girl feels like it's the end of the world. Until she sees an old friend in a club. Who happens to be Alex Turner.

  • 505 ~ A Alex Turner FanFiction
    5.7K 181 20

    What will happen when 24 year old Brooklyn Mitchell goes to Glastonbury with her best friend Miles Kane and meets Alex Turner. Will she fall in love or will she be heartbroken?

  • When Past Becomes Present (an Alex Turner fan fic)
    55.5K 830 34

    +*:+:*:+:*+ Lillia and Alex have a past, but can they have a present too? +*:+:*:+:*+ "The future for me is already a thing of the past-- You were my first love, and you will be my last." -- Bob Dylan Lillia and Alex loved each other for years before splitting up for college, but will one concert years la...