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  • Is The City Big Enough?
    2.6K 81 12

    Killian Jones, 28, has lived in NYC for 10 years. His days are the same; get up, go to work as a cab driver, come home. He hides deep insecurities with the mantra his father drilled into his mind 'Change Is Bad'. Killian tells himself that he's perfectly happy with his repetitive routine everyday, until a breathtaking...

  • Ambivalent Souls
    6.2K 167 10

    When Captain Killian Jones comes to the small town of Storybrooke, Maine, with the intentions of skinning his crocodile, he is captured by Greg and Tamara and forced to help them in order to get his revenge. Greg and Tamara tell the pirate to cuff Regina, rendering her magicless. However, when Killian is left alone wi...

  • The Only Exception (Swan Queen)
    146K 5.3K 35

    Do you ever get that feeling when you want someone you can never have? Have you ever had to pretend to hate that person to avoid detection? Basically a SwanQueen season 3 fix it fic. Very fluffy. Maturity warning on Chapter 19 for smut.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hooked On Love (OUAT Fanfiction)
    19.6K 563 20

    When Captain Killian "Hook" Jones is sent by Cora to fetch her daughter, Regina, he complies, that is until he realizes how much him and this mysteriously beautiful woman are alike and how much he loves her. And that if he lost her, he could never survive. How will Hook and Regina get out of Cora's grasp without them...

  • Starboard Royals
    11.9K 491 29

    Two of fairytale's most feared villains show each other the light as Killian and Regina express their love and take on the most challenging adventure yet...romance.

  • HookedQueen // One-Shots
    18.8K 545 23

    If the carriage is rockin Don't come knockin (Feel free to use any of my one shots as an inspiration for any books you have in mind of writing. Tag me to them :) I would love to read them) Warning ⚠: Explicit/Adult Content. Mature Language.

  • The Lonely.
    12K 443 9

    A hookedqueen fan-fiction set in Neverland when the group go to save Henry (season 3A)