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  • Broken {Starco}
    4.4M 66K 59

    This Story and Cover is made by: anomalyah on Tumblr Highest Ranking: #2 Fanfiction

  • Tic Toc
    24 4 1

    What would you have done if you had more time? TW: Guns, shooting, death, blood.

  • Willow | ✔️
    276K 10.3K 101

    "You're new." "And you're not." ⭐️ Dan is new and Phil is popular. -warnings: some signs of abuse verbal and physical

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sweet little Badass
    921K 24.2K 42

    Sasha Meadows, that girl who everybody used to know as the snotty little nerdy kid with a rich family, who ran away after been pushed to her limits, well now she's back and is definitely not that girl who she used to be, a mixture of drugs and gangs, along with a badass boyfriend is all it took to change her. Her pare...

  • While You Watch Birds Fly
    43 4 1

    As a Military Police commander you have been assigned the worst job imaginable - watching over the Survey Corps. However being in charge of their funding can have its advantages with the Erwin Smith at your beck and call and Levi Ackerman being eerily polite.