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  • The Daring Adventures of Darwin and Cecile
    6.3K 802 10

    ***Winner of @JessicaBFry's Fantasy Writing Competition: Terrifying Creatures of the Deep*** ***Winner of The Under the Sea Writing Contest @Jos1eDemuth and @BrittanieCharmintine*** ***Slow, slow updates*** Sir Charles Darwin, favored scientist of her Majesty, is riding high off his successful Catalog of the Empire's...

  • The Havfine's Song
    1.3K 103 1

    Havfine: In Scandinavian myth, they are the equivalent of mermaids. It is said they could tell the future through riddles. This is a short story presented as an entry for "Under the Sea" writing contest, sponsored by @Jos1eDemuth and @BrittanieCharmintine starting August 1. There is still time to get your mermaid on...

  • Beautiful Fury
    12K 750 8

    After a horrible accident, Mara was given another chance at life; a life lurking in the depths of the ocean. She's caught in between good and evil. Her soul is still intact, but it's infused with darkness. Mara resides in the harsh waters of the Atlantic, near the coast of Maine, and busies herself with sinking the...

  • Midnight at The Lake
    740 31 16

    My entry for the Under The Sea writing contest. The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe is incorporated in this work, I do not claim to own the poem. Other than that, the work is my own.

  • When ocean meets shore
    544 35 1

    ~ Finalist of The Under the Sea Writing Contest with @Jos1eDemuth and @BrittanieCharmintine ~ Clarissa was like any other high school girl until her mother died one night saving her life in dangerous waters. She became more of a recluse as time went on and her paranoid father banned her from entering the ocean. One n...