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  • Hope For The Best (A Riker Lynch/R5 Fanfic)
    1.7K 42 4

    This is a story about 19 year old, Lexi Peirs, who comes to LA to chase her dreams of becoming a sucessful musican, and ends up finding something better. Her inspiration to be musicain all started when she saw her favorite band, R5, in concert, and decided that she was meant to live her life on stage, surrounded by mu...

  • Two Different Worlds ~ A Riker Lynch Love Story~
    69.3K 1.4K 42

    Callie was just an average country gal that lives in good ole Tennessee. Riker is just an average 21 year old male that lives in California who is living his dream. What happens when these two worlds collide?

  • Why me? (Riker Lynch Fanfic)
    32.2K 671 16

    This is a story about Ashley who found out her cousin gets to open up for the Loud tour. She is in for a major surprise along the way.

  • I stand by you. Riker Lynch story
    593K 10.9K 60

    Chloe is 18 year old and her last school year just started! She is super excidet to meet new people and just have fun! But everything doesn't quite go as she thought it would when she meets the lonely kid, Riker Lynch. she fast discovers that Riker isn't like the other guys on her school. he is a lot more sensitive an...

  • Age Is Overrated (A Riker Lynch Love Story) [STRONGLY REVISING!]
    17.9K 318 18

    Natalie is just another girl who's hopelessly in love with Riker Lynch. It's hard because she's only 14, and he's 19. She knows she'll never have a chance with him... Until she meets him. Within one day, they fall hard for each other. They know it's very wrong, but they begin to date. No one knows except for them...

  • The One That I Can't Have (Riker Lynch/R5 fanfic)
    1.8K 42 5

    Scarlett Moore is just a shy, dorky teenager from California with an obsession with R5 and a huge crush on Riker Lynch. When she goes to meet them in concert she hopes to catch Riker's eye, but thinks her shyness puts him off. Little does she know he secretly likes her, but is he the only one? **I am now updating agai...

  • Will You Make Me Fall In Love-Riker Lynch FanFic
    7.6K 100 10

    A story about a Chicago girl who moves to Cali with her best friend. Lilly is scared to fall in love. When she meets Riker she's automatically attracted to him but will he catch her when she falls ??

  • A Night To Remember (Riker Lynch Fanfic)
    17.9K 369 23

    Jessica and her friends are going to their first R5 concert in just a few weeks! Little did they know that their favorite band would turn their night into a night to remember.

  • If wanting you is a crime lock me up i'll do my time (Riker Lynch Fanfic)
    2.3K 46 4

    Find out what happens when Sassy 21 year old Annah keeps bumping into Riker Lynch a member of the band R5 will her stand off attitude keep him away or will he just be more persistent in getting closer?

  • Beautiful Memories (A Riker Lynch/R5 Fanfic)
    405K 8.4K 46

    When Kaia Anderson happens to have something tragic happen to her, she feels lost and hopeless. But there's one person who can switch it all around. And that one person to Riker Lynch. The bassist and one of the vocalists of R5. As the band gets more popular and the tragedy gets worse, how will Kaia cope with it all...

  • The Midnight Girl - Riker Lynch/R5 Fanfic
    163K 1.6K 35

    What happens when two worlds collide? Two different worlds. A girl goes out for a walk every night at midnight, a guy is in a band with his siblings and friend. How will things turn out for Riker and Lalani? Through heartbreak, tears, betrayal, rehab, and a... Pysco uncle? Find out in The Midnight Girl...

  • Thinkin' about you <3 (Riker Lynch lovestory)
    12.8K 149 8

    Melanie Scott is an ordinary girl. Not extremely beautiful, or extraordinary smart. Just ordinary. The only thing she has a talent for is dancing, and video games. Yup, video games. What happens when Melanie meets Riker Lynch, which is far from ordinary?

  • The perfect Step
    3.4K 17 23

    Taylor Tomlinson an uprising dancer meets Riker Lynch an uprising pop/rock star will their love for eachother make up for very busy schedules or will hate and time get to Taylor when Riker is too late to solve it?

  • RikerYou Oneshots
    20.8K 189 17

    This is a collection of second person Riker oneshots I've written. The rating is PG-13 just because of a few stories, not all.

    14.3K 271 24

    *Love is Louder than the pressure to be perfect* A new girl named sierra morgan moves next to the lynches everybody likes her except one person...Riker but why

  • This Should End Well (R5 Fanfic)
    229K 3.3K 34

    Kylie Sapphire Adams is an average 17 year old. A teen that stays up late, has a messy room, spends WAY too much time on her computer and iPhone, and is obsessed with a band. R5 to be exact. She finally gets to meet them, but it’s not the way you would expect. Being in a hotel room with R5……This should end well… NOT

  • Without you- A Riker Lynch love story.
    40.1K 405 20

    Jess has been living with the Lynch family since she was five, after her parents left her. Her life has been tricky but one person has helped her through it. Riker. Jess starts to realise that she has feelings for Riker and Riker likewise for Jess. But what will happen to the pair? will someone from Jess's past come...