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  • Hyperdimension Neptunia X Male Reader: Love In A Parallel World
    40.1K 533 21

    A year has passed since you left Gamindustri. During that 1 year, mankind has made a step forward towards the future. A new gadget has been invented; "ARC". One fateful day, you live your normal life... well, normally. Until a monster from Gamindustri appeared in your world. What will happen to you this time? Will you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Noire x Male Reader: "Meteor Of The Starry Skies"
    28.5K 486 21

    You're a normal student in Japan. But when your friend invited you to a gaming marathon at his house well... your life wouldn't be the same anymore.

    Completed   Mature
  • Eternal Wave
    2.2K 72 8

    Sapphire Rose who later goes by Sapphire Wave is the older twin 'sister' of Ruby Rose, 'daughter' of Summer and Qrow, 'she' was a nice kid until Summer went missing causing Tai to abuse 'her' saying that it's 'discipline' or it was to 'toughened "her" up' with Yang and a misguided Ruby to start doing the same until...

  • Fairy Tail: Mirajane X Male Reader
    3.2K 108 9

    Power is a luxury but bares the necessity of control or the wielder risks facing dire consequences. This is why Y/n seeks out help from the guild of Fairy Tail, and along the way he meets someone who bares the same curse that he does. The most assistance can come from a kindred spirit.

    Completed   Mature
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: Five Dimensions
    6.8K 107 7

    You are from the Ritual Dimension. When your childhood friend gets kidnapped, you go as far as to Dimension Travel to save her.

  • Yugioh Arc-V Selena X Male Reader
    27.1K 474 21

    Hey guys. Here's a bit of back story of your character before the story starts. Since Duel Academy in Fusion Dimension has the Red, Yellow, Blue rankings, you will be a Ra Yellow. You use a Red-Eyes deck and you and Yuri are sort of rivals in a way, constantly trying to see who's stronger. Your ace monster will be Arc...

  • The Maverick(Sword Art Online X Male Reader)
    201K 4.8K 62

    #1 in #swordartonline 10/04/18 Year 2023. The world has been waiting in anticipation for the long awaited Full-Dive VR system called the NerveGear. The NerveGear was designed to fully immerse the user in an open and dynamic world being able to take in everything with all five senses. To test this, is a VRMMORPG named...

  • Fated love (Rin x Male Reader)
    1K 46 3

    Another holy grail war has commenced and now has some new contenders. How will this war fair against the others that came previously. Will this male be able to survive the holy grail war and be able to obtain his wish or will he fall short and die in this word just as the others did? And is it possible to find love in...

  • Yugioh Arc V Selena x Male reader
    31.9K 422 20

    You are a student from duel academy who has dichromatic eyes and uses a dragon deck. Your ace monster is your Pitch Black Dynasty Dragon , for now. You keep hearing a dragon roar from your extra deck, but whenever you check the dragon isn't there. This story will also have some of my own cards that I've been thinking...

  • Trap Music (Miku Izayoi X Reader)
    3.4K 130 10

    -OmegaZero- and myself are all hands on deck here. (FN) or Shido's cousin is faced with sealing a spirit. His second time around didn't go well. In fact to get to this pretty vocalist he is dressing up as chick as directed by Kotori. Can Sarah (his drag get up name) succeed? Or will he land on his face and get booed w...

  • Highschool DxD Lemons
    9.8K 141 4

    Book of Oneshot lemons for Highschool DxD.

  • Devil May Cry Oneshots/Lemons
    8.8K 143 10

    Devil may cry Oneshots and lemons all compiled into one book to make writing them and reading easier.

  • My life with my Fates Harem
    10.5K 137 21

    A bunch of stories of either how I met someone in my harem or what we have done together. May have Lemons

  • One Guy, Four Girls: Summer, Raven, Willow, and Kali x Male Reader
    146K 2.6K 17

    Me and a friend of mine were talking and as we did, he asked me something and it was related to this story and I decided to work on this story and I'm super excited to work on this. So, in this story you (the reader) is a strong huntsman where it gets attention from everyone on Remnant, but then one day you hear a com...

    Completed   Mature
  • Next Chapter in Life: Summer, Raven, Willow, and Kali x Male Reader Sequel
    13.4K 346 4

    So, after I did the story with the RWBY moms x male reader I decided to do a sequel to it since I really loved working on it and there will be a Bio of Team RWBY cause it will be explained.

  • Love And Swing 2 (Xenovia Sequel)
    1.6K 97 5

    The twins Nebula and Xavier are just turning twelve years old as Slifer Yuuto and Rose Vladi just turned twelve and ten. Kiba is bringing all the kids together to give them special presents. These gifts will chance their lives forever as they assemble the Junior Division named Slash 4. Training, slashing, Issei's for...

  • Doki Doki Literature Club Lemons
    3.3K 43 5

    A series of lemons for Doki Doki Literature club nuff said.

  • My Pawn 1.5 (Rias X Reader)
    1.8K 107 4

    After saying the words I do the journey of Rias' husband is not easy. Rias is pregnant, both still in highschool, and he has to learn the ropes of being a Devil. First time being a husband and soon to be a father. Time to learn, mature, and watch Issei get hit by Asia's frying pan because her hormones are racing too...

  • Huniepop Oneshots
    2.9K 51 5

    A book of Oneshots for Huniepop rated mature because of themes involved.

  • Love Till the End: Wife Blake Belladonna x Husband Cat Faunus Male Reader
    102K 2K 26

    This is a story request from @Brave_Vesperia. So, it starts with Blake Belladonna as she was in the White Fang, she met the one she fell in love with, then her and the guy actually has a child at early age and the child is a girl. After that they got married and then one day they both had a big argument over them bein...

  • Marvel Lemons
    12.3K 135 6

    Lemons involving Marvel characters.

  • Strawberry Yandere (Kokoa X Male)
    29.2K 1K 32

    Not Yandere. That's just a joke. Kokoa has had one goal in her mind for the last few years. It's to have her sister back. The one that decided to move away from her. Not adjusting to the pink "Outer" Moka she wants her back because she has no one else. However, she has a boy who's secretly a half breed trying to help...

    Completed   Mature
  • An Unforgotten Love: Cinder Fall x Male Reader
    30.6K 885 10

    Ever since I did the request from the story of Love Till the End: Wife Blake Belladonna x Husband Male Reader, it inspired me to work on other stories with something like that with certain RWBY characters that would fit perfectly with a story like this. Now, what would happen if Cinder had a story that she never wante...

  • Gacchan's Random Book 3.0
    3.9K 111 49

    randomness and memes never die

  • Getting The Hunie
    2.5K 87 4

    Y/n's love life was to say so mercifully not very good but all that was to change after he met his very own Love Fairy, he was in for an experience to say the very least.

  • Gacchan's Random Book 2.0
    20.5K 614 192

    I am back from a wormhole into another random madness! Don't even read the title, just jump right in, don't be an idiot.

  • Banishment (Kuroka X Reader)
    16.5K 580 16

    After an awful sin a man gets banished from heaven and turned into a Fallen Angel. Now instead of of moping around and trying to get please God since it's a lost cause, he finds allies to work with. Though he's shocked to know that he's known as one of the bad guys. But who's the enemy to him? Devils, Angels, Fallen A...

    Completed   Mature
  • fgo randomness...? 2
    2.8K 91 27

    welp part 2 ?

  • RWBY lemons
    781K 3.8K 56

    A book of lemons for RWBY one shots mini stories all that enjoy

    Completed   Mature