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  • Leaving Him
    10.9K 262 17

    Bree Davenport is a girl with a secret. She meets a guy named Chase Bell who has the same secret. They hide and help each other keep their secret. But they soon start another secret that leads to trouble.

  • More Than His Assistant » Lab Rats
    89K 2K 31

    {Winner of 'Best Brase Fanfic' in the 2014 Lab Rats Awards Show} "Look, Bree. If you're going to be my assistant, I might as well know you, and you know me. It's kind of in the job description. If my dad finds out we were out together instead of going to the stupid presentation, who cares. But if the paparazzi find ou...

  • Love At Mission Creek Mall » Lab Rats
    64.2K 1.5K 25

    {Winner of The Best Brase Story in the 2015 Lab Rats Award Show} "Bree get some sleep, it's been a long day. But, delete that boys number. I never want you to even look at him again." Tasha said before walking out into the hallway. I picked up my phone off the ground and looked back at text Chase had sent me. This cou...

  • A brase love story
    6.4K 199 24

    i dont even know what to put just read

  • Those Bionic Beings
    23K 488 19

    They just wanted to be together when everyone else wanted to keep them apart. кєєριиg ¢αℓм ωιтн вяαѕє!

  • Close Your Eyes (Sequel To Leaving Him)
    12.1K 465 35

    "Close your eyes." Rest in peace. That's all I'm asking for.

  • Every minute counts
    3K 79 3

    This is a brase fanfic

  • One Last Chance (Sequel To Close Your Eyes)
    3.6K 102 16

    He stood on top with her and never left her side. Not until he closed his eyes and lost connection to the world. Now Bree stands alone. The only thing she can do is be depressed. Soon Mr. Davenport does something. Some thing that gives Bree one last chance... But that chance leaves to drama.

  • Lab rats kids
    29.1K 724 30

    Just a lab rats story about when they were kids. Includes a little brase, btw! I will do my best to update!

  • Seaford Lab Rats (Kick, Brase)
    5.1K 158 7

    Bree, Chase, and Adam, along with Mr. Davenport, Mrs. Davenport, and Leo Dooley, have to move to Seaford, where Leo's mom got a new job. While there, the 3 bionics go to Seaford High and join the Wasabi Warriors Dojo. The 3 find out that they are not actually related, and this causes mixed feelings about each other. W...

  • Opposite Attracts (Belli/killy/brase) Fanfiction
    30.8K 342 16

    This is a fan fiction of Belli. Hope you like it.

  • Brase
    3.9K 93 10

    This is a story where Bree and Chase are a couple after they find out they are not brother and sister. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!