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  • A Twisted Fate (Warrior Cats)
    167K 5.2K 33

    An ominous prophecy, a perilous quest, and a battle that will shake the forest to its very roots. One side shall prevail, but which is the one? Join a young apprentice as she struggles among the clans' turmoil as well as her own deadly fate.

  • WattyWarriors Fan Magazine 4.0
    19.5K 2.1K 99

    This is the fourth edition of the WattyWarriors Fan Magazine! A magazine where you can find recommended authors of warriors fan-fictions, short stories, and even contests! If you are looking for some good warriors fan-fictions this is the place to look! Check out our profile for reading lists and advertisements made b...

  • Warriors: Falling Petals [Discontinued]
    3.2K 377 15

    Flowerkit has always been scorned and teased by the other kits. He hates it. It wasn't his fault that his mother gave him a she-cat's name. In his quest to prove himself to the other kits, Flowerkit finds himself going down some dangerous paths. As he grows older, he's straying from his destiny, and this time no one c...

  • jayfeathers stick
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    let go of the frickin stick jayfeather

  • Warrior Spoofs
    251K 5.9K 126

    Want to know how to get kicked out ThunderClan or get a good laugh? Then, read this book! OR JOIN BLOODCLAN AND EAT KITTYPET FOOD!!! *unsheathes claws* Uh anyway, joking! ^_^"

  • Me Messing with Warriors
    1.4K 40 37

    This is basically Erin Hunter's Cat's reaction to me and my friends being weird *don't judge, I got this idea at 2 in the morning, it sounded funny and I'm VERY random P.S.In this I go by Kitkat ( I will take requests if anyone wants my to be a scenario)

  • Name Genorator for Warrior cats
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    Here you can find a warrior cat name if you can't come up with one and please comment what u got Note: the cat that is in the cover is Snowtree

  • Warrior Cat Quotes
    459K 29.9K 168

    A huge collection of Warrior Cat Quotes, straight from the Erins. I've picked out some of the most beautiful, poetic, sassy, funny, and iconic lines in the Warriors series. Enjoy! ~~ The LARGEST and most CURATED collection of Warriors quotes on Wattpad! ~~ Please don't fight in the comments, I mean, c'mon! I'll have t...

  • Warrior Cats: Striped savage book 1
    288K 9K 56

    Runningkit, Goldenkit, and Volekit are destined for a great change in the clans. The kick off to a series of epic proportions, transforming the expectation of those around them. Starclan has their wise eyes cast towards these three kits, and their lives shall unfold willingly or by force of the universe around them.