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  • Falling for Adam(On Hold)
    2.6K 160 12

    This is my 4th book on here and my first book is the one and only shay !!!!! Please check it out !!!!! It's dramatic and romantic !!! This book is about a girl and a guy that had an arranged marriage and they hate each other sooooooo much !!! What will happen and will she fall for him ??????? Please read !!! Will she...

  • After All These Years [Major Editing]
    257K 15K 40

    [Book 2 The Wedding Series] "Every love story is beautiful, and ours is my favourite" ------ No one knew how 21 years had oddly passed by for Ihsan. As he lives with his mum, Nura, he always pondered about his dad - Did he actually love Nura? Now it's time he tries to win someones heart - Ibadah's. Yet, he doesn't kno...