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  • Selene » Stiles Stilinski
    8.4K 477 3

    ❝Okay, but let's just think this through. Alright? Before there's maiming, or beheading, let's just take a second to remember who you're assuming turns into a sadistic lizard when the sun goes down. This is Selene Whittemore we're talking about, here. She's, like, literally incapable of lifting a finger if there's a p...

  • Silhouettes ▹ Stiles Stilinski [1]
    84.1K 3.2K 18

    ❝No matter where I sleep, you are haunting me❞ Taryn Brooks was put into the mental institution after claiming she had been possessed by an evil spirit. She was put in the institution by a women who understood what Taryn had gone through. Years later, the women is back with the news that the spirit is back, and the da...

  • A Werewolf and a Human [1] Stiles Stilinski
    88.4K 1.7K 25

    Sabrina McCall is Scott's twin sister. The McCall twins knew everything about one another. Scott even knew about Sabrina's crush on their best friend, Stiles Stilinski, but...there was one secret that she had been keeping from her friends and family for six years. She was a werewolf. But her secret comes out when her...

  • fade ➹ (Stiles Stilinski)
    247K 6.8K 41

    ----Season 1 of Teen Wolf---- (Do not need to watch the series to understand) Melanie, Stiles, and Scott. The ideal trio, constantly getting themselves into an endless spiral of repetitive mischief. The three having no clue as to what they are capable of getting their hands on. Late one night, Stiles' cu...

  • Anchor ➵ S. Stilinski
    231K 5.1K 47

    "Be your own anchor, Scott. How do you think I've made it this far myself? [Teen Wolf seasons 1-3b] + undergoing editing + -story started: August 16, 2015 ended January 10, 2016-

  • Shattered • Stiles Stilinski [Two]
    427K 11.4K 64

    ❝I feel like I'm going to break into a million pieces.❞ They went a whole summer without any kind of supernatural problems, and Autumn was soaking in every single normal moment she could. Normal moments were much deserved after dealing with Werewolves, a Kanima, and Hunters their entire sophomore year. But of course...

  • Fragile • Stiles Stilinski [One]
    583K 14.1K 38

    ❝Tough times never last, but tough people do.❞- Robert H. Schuller Life is never constant, it's full of ups and downs. Autumn Martin lived a life most people envied. She had a great family, popularity, money, and the best friends anyone could ask for. Little did she know, her life was about to be flipped upside-down...

  • Riven • Stiles Stilinski [Three]
    194K 5.4K 42

    Everyone would like time to recover after the events that happened three months ago, but Beacon hills doesn't give much time for recovery. As if escaping death one time wasn't enough for Autumn, now there's something in Beacon Hills putting every single supernatural creature in danger. The pack will once again be test...

  • Skinny Love♥ (Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfic)
    862K 19.2K 50

    ❝ Come on skinny love what happened here ❞ There's only a couple of things Savannah Knight, new girl in town is sure of. One, that she came to this town looking for answers and the other being that she has feelings for her best friend. Stiles Stilinski is madly in love with his best friend, Savannah Knight. He loves h...

  • Fallout ▷ Stilinski
    747K 25.3K 25

    [ BOOK THREE ] ❝ the fallout is still coming, it won't stop for anything. ❞ Money makes the world go round, and Beacon Hills is certainly no exception. Especially when a supernatural deadpool is issued, and every member of the McCall pack's name is on it. Once again, Kasey finds herself being targeted due to her extre...

  • Paging Bilinski | Stilinski [1] (ON HOLD)
    49.6K 1.1K 34

    Cierra Whittmore is Jackson Whittmore's adoptive sister, same age, yet she is more of a bitch to people, than a dick. As soon as Allison Argent comes to town, she gains a crush on a certain buzz-cut boy, whilst attempting to fight off an Alpha werewolf. Who is the Alpha? Will she win the heart of a certain buzz-cut, s...

  • Holding Out for a Hero ▸ Stiles Stilinski (2)
    908K 26.2K 33

    ❝As the lines between good and evil are blurred and new, unlikely alliances are formed, only one thing is keeping Carson sane: Stiles Stilinski. But sometimes, even sanity is not enough to win a war when there's already so much blood raining down.❞ (teen wolf: season 2) (cmb series book #2)

  • Both of Us ▸ Stiles Stilinski (1)
    1.8M 49.5K 32

    ❝Somewhere amidst bloodthirsty werewolves and vengeful hunters, Carson Bradley does the one thing she thought she never would: she falls for her best friend.❞ (teen wolf: season 1) (cmb series book #1)

  • Like Us ~Stilinki~
    210 6 3

    Emily Gilbert has been best friends with Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinki her whole life. But what happens when her two idiot friends decide to take a little night trip? Even with all the craziness going on in Beacon she cant help but fall for a sarcastic, adorable, goofball of a boy. Find out more in Like Us!!

  • The Other McCall ▷ Stilinski
    4.4M 106K 52

    [ BOOK ONE ] ❝ there are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared; twins. ❞ Kasey McCall is the twin sister of Scott McCall... while they look similar, they couldn't be more different... but one thing is for certain, they always have each other's back. In the aftermath of Scott getting bit by a werewol...

  • In This Together ▷ Stilinski
    2.7M 64.3K 49

    [ BOOK TWO ] ❝ fear is a proof of the degeneracy of the mind. ❞ Kasey McCall has been through more than enough of supernatural drama over the last year or so. Just when she thinks that maybe she can get a taste of being a normal teenage girl, she's sucked away from it. Human sacrifices are plaguing Beacon Hills, and o...

  • Bleeding Out ▸ Teen Wolf (3)
    585K 17.6K 28

    ❝For Carson Bradley, Stiles Stilinski, and Scott McCall, they're used to having a plan B. They always have plan B. This time, however, they're merely pawns in a far more deadly game.❞ (teen wolf: season 3) (cmb series book #3)

  • Chasing the Moon (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf FanFiction) [1]
    788K 19.3K 25

    Emma Brisbane has been an outcast at Beacon Hills High ever since the accident that took her mother and sister's lives nearly three years ago. But when she notices unusual behavior by fellow classmate Scott McCall, she can't help but investigate. Once she realizes the truth she knows that it is her responsibility to s...

  • More Than The Sidekick {Teen Wolf: Stiles Stilinski}
    1.2M 21K 30

    Ryder McCall was an average teenage girl. She had popularity, great friends, great looks, even great clothes. Her only issues in life seemed to be what ridiculously expensive outfit her best friend Lydia was going to wear, or hmmmm I don't know, maybe the fact she has been in love with her brother's best friend since...