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  • Three Person Love Affair
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    Not great with description just read and enjoy lol

  • My Addiction Is You:Lesbian Story
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    "A-awh fuck Papi,dont stop!! Give it to me!! Aw god!! I'm gonna cover ur face in my cum! Fuck! Here it comes! Ah ah ahhhhhh!" Tina screamed out loud gushin tuggin at my hair. I lick'd that pussy clean n wiped my face before givin ha a shower wit me n then gettin dressed,tellin ha to get out. I'on let nobody stay at ma...

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  • When Mommy Loves Me
    294K 2.8K 8

    When Mommy Loves Me The day I move into New York was also the day I knew things wouldn't be the same. Moving away from Hong Kong was a big step for me. Finding a place to stay wasn't hard but wasn't easy as well. Landing a job shouldn't seem hard right? I land an internship at the Covington Fashion and Mag...

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  • Learning to Love (Lesbian Story)
    585K 15.1K 39

    Three kids, a fat baby, and a dog. That's what her mother left her. Kaliya Jefferson's mother has passed, and it seems her whole world has turned upside down. One day she's a free single, childless woman with a great career, and life is just perfect. The next day she's a struggling single guardian for four children th...

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  • Dirty Girls
    56.3K 1.9K 27

    Rachel Berry is the new girl at McKinley High School. She is like a Virgin Mary and dresses like a three year old until she meets the Unholy trinity. Brittney S.Peirce , Santana Lopez, and the Queen Bee , Quinn Fabray. When the trinity takes Rachel under their wing things get pretty dirty. Find out what happens in...

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  • Don't let me fall (Lesbian story)
    72.4K 2.8K 19

    Olivia is a self-confident ballerina who's always knew who she was and what she wanted. She's a student in one of the best dance academy in the world and one of the most promising dancer of the country. She's happy in her little dance world with her boyfriend and her pointe shoes. Then comes along Alaska, the mysterio...

  • Mami More 1 & 2 (Lesbians)
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    "baby moan for me" she mumbled against my ears, her breath was hot as she circled two fingers inside me. My pussy was throbbing, it wanted her so bad. Her pace went faster and her fingers hit a spot I didn't even know existed. "Mami More!!!" I moaned loudly ************************ Leila was a person who was straight...

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  • Break Free // a.g (Lesbian Story)
    250K 7K 43

    "Alright, jeez mom." "So you kiss your mom like you kiss me?" • • • • • This is the story of Ariana Grande and the worst friend zone ever. // started: July 2014 ended: August 2015//

  • My Roommate girlxgirl Rated-R lesbian
    488K 9.9K 57

    Rated-R, Sexual Content Brooke was the college girl that all the boys loved and the cheer leader that everyone looked at on the field. She was popular and was the one to invite to a party just so guys and even girls would come. She had a sexy side to her as well as caring and smart. Heather was the 5.0 student who pr...

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  • It All Started with a Private Session
    1.7M 6K 5

    WARNING : Sexual Content (mostly between lesbians) Is Throughout This Story. and some chapters are private. you may have to follow me to read them. Candi, or rather Breanna, a young stripper, who strips to pay for law school. She was disowned by her parents once she came out the closet as a lesbian. She feels a deep a...

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  • Mine (Urban Lesbian Love Story)
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  • Being Popular (GirlxGirl) [COMPLETE]
    160K 5K 18

    Mickie James has always led an easy life, well as easy a life as you can when you're trying to hide the fact that you're in love with you best friend. For Mickie, there is no better person in this world then her best friend Courtney Diamond. She has everything, the gorgeous looks, the winning smile, not to mention she...

  • Lose To Win(Thug Love Story)
    150K 1.5K 16

    Nicole is in an abusive relationship, but she just doesn't want to leave. She feels that he will have a change of heart. Eveyday she pretends that he loves her even though he cheat, beat, and hurts her physically and mentally. Nichole has no one to turn to, her mom is an addict and she never knew her dad. What happens...

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  • Bestfriends( thug love story)
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    I loved him but i couldnt let him know...

  • That kinda of love... (thug Love story )
    48.3K 594 12

    Love is a difficult thing to deal with , add being the ultimate female drug king and gangstress and fall in love with your rival makes life even harder. Could we make this work ? Is live worth not getting respect? Is it worth throwing away everything my father made ?

  • Always Be My Baby *Editing*
    154K 3.3K 43

    Passion Jones is 22yr old actress/Singer. She has a lot going for herself. She's only had two boyfriend's, one in her 6th & 7th grade years of middle school. Since then she has been single. BUT what happens when she meets Thug DJ Smith.?????

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  • Dirty Laundry (Thug Love Story)
    38.4K 652 19

    A Thugs Loveeeeee (: Read To Find Out More ' ❤️