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  • Crow (NoochZahHutt)
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    My name is Brandon, and I am going to tell you a story. A story about the time I woke up on the subway with no memory in an apocalyptic world. (pairings include: NoochZahHutt, Kenoco, Merome, Vikklan, Poofless, and possibly others) (warnings: this story will include swearing and violence! nothing too bad though).

  • Le Melin, Aragorn
    1.1K 18 12

    I promised you guys a LotR fanfiction, didn't I? Here it is! I'd like to thank Diamondwaters7 for helping me figure out the plot issues I was having. This entire book is dedicated to her, mostly because I'm too lazy to go through and dedicate each section to her. (but I probably will anyway) I'd also like to thank Arw...

  • Love That Cannot Be (A Legolas and Aragorn story)
    38.1K 1.4K 27

    Legolas longs to be with the man he cares for, the man he trusts, but that is not easily done. Aragorn, the new King of Gondor, has more on his mind than an elf who cares deeply for him. Legolas flees Gondor, to get away from his pain. What he does not realize is that his heart is slowly failing because of his sadness...