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  • ghost town | mendes
    2.6K 167 3

    his mind was like a ghost town; completely deserted, and utterly alone published 7/8/15 (ON HOLD)

  • You Promised. Shawn Mendes
    13.5M 348K 64

    in which a girl's first love leaves her to follow his dreams, and leaves her heartbroken as well. accomplishments - #1 under "shawn mendes" #1 under Fanfiction #1 under #shawn & #mendes 2015 Winner "Best Shawn Mendes Fanfiction" @mendessmuffin Completed: December 6, 2015

  • New Girl {Shawn Mendes}
    281K 8K 18

    "Who's the new girl?" "She's not that new. She moved here when you left." "How do you know her?" "She's my girlfriend."

  • death games ↠ c.d.
    1.1K 40 10

    When only 10 out of 200 participants of a game that almost promises certain death are expected to live, lack of time isn't the only obstacle to face. © 2015 kickincloudss, All Rights Reserved.

  • Wallflower // s.m
    11.4K 557 10

    [ ON HOLD ]❝ somehow, staying unseen was worth every silent second ❞ © -ashlantis & redflannels | 2014 ((cover: @turdiforms))

  • riptide ≫ shawn mendes
    73K 2K 15

    ❝i need to kiss you so badly,❞ he said, not ashamed of it.

  • Aftertaste
    178K 6.8K 20

    "Stay away from Shawn Mendes." That's what everyone keeps telling Grace, who recently moved from the bustling New York City to the quiet town of Pickering, Canada. She has no trouble making new friends, but everyone she meets keeps telling her the same thing. They want her to steer clear of Shawn Mendes. Shawn is the...