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  • Avengers: The Ghost Guardian
    171K 6K 20

    [Book 1] There once was an innocent little girl who had everything she could ever ask for. But one day it was all taken away from her. She lives in fear everyday that she will lose control. Her whole life is a secret that she locks up in her mind with her memories. People at S.H.I.E.L.D. call her a miracle worker b...

  • A Russian Lullaby
    153K 6K 24

    Valeryia is one of the Red Room's most lethal killers. But after one mission she decides to abandon the organization, to try to live a normal life. The Red Room told her that her mother died when she was only a child, so Valeryia has no one. But in a horrifying turn of events, Valeryia finds herself crossing paths wit...

  • Viper : Enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    285K 12.2K 59

    Jade Leiton is an orphan with too much baggage. As an adult she had taken to a life of crime, becoming the criminal known as Viper. When stealing a rare diamond for Simon Decker, she attracts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Earths Mightiest Hero's, the Avengers. After being captured by the team of superheros, she r...

  • Phantom (Avengers)
    410 13 5

    Phantom is on Shield's monitors. She is no one special, at first glance, but Shield found some rather interesting footage of her. To them, she is a phantom. She appears in places she shouldn't be and next second she's gone. They try to find a pattern in her strange appearances, but find nothing. They don't know her na...

  • The Alpha Instinct
    1.2M 68.9K 46

    Grace has spent the past two years locked up and held prisoner by Kellan and his rogues. Now that she is finally free she wants nothing more than to return to her pack and deal out some swift justice for those who had betrayed her. Except it's not quite that simple and Grace's enemies have other plans for the young A...

  • The Fall Of The Phoenix (Marvel/The Avengers)
    120K 4.6K 24

    Alexis Jane Morgan has been on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D for over half a century. Howard Stark had helped create her, but she feared what would happen to her after he founded the organisation that hunted down people like her. With the brain capacity of over 30% and rising and her inability to age, Director Fury tracks...

  • The One-Hundred {2015 Watty Award Winner} - REWRITING!
    1.8M 89.1K 97

    Every baby is killed beneath the waves--with one exception. The one-hundred thousandth lives. HIGHEST RANKING IN FANTASY: #1 HIT 1MILL READS ON MAY 28, 2016! ~ Watty Award Winner 2015: Best Use of Visuals ~ ~ Available to buy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, etc. now! ~ ~ Trailer & pitch inside ~ COMPLETE NOT OPEN...

  • The Hole in the Floor (Book One of the Valois series)
    633K 20.2K 41

    Not every Princess lives Happily Ever After....Even once they marry the Prince of their Dreams... "I was dull, dull and shadowed, always looking as though I should have been in the background. I was the one married to the prince, I was not the one he loved." This is the story of Catherine De Medici, princess of France...

    Completed   Mature
  • •Agent Turned Avenger• (SHIELD/Avengers Fan Fiction)
    137K 5.8K 39

    Meet Dakota Sage. She's a level 10 SHIELD espionage and retrieval specialist, along with being one of the most important agents in the world. She's been on numerous black ops, covert ops, and undercover missions. Agent Sage once went four years under deep cover. She's better than the Black Widow herself. Sage went to...

  • Andromeda | Thor [1] |
    42.8K 1.4K 19

    |[Thor/Avengers Fanfiction]| Andromeda, The Milky Way Galaxy's nearest neighbor. Also one of the daughters of the oldest celestial beings that created the Universe. Unparalleled power in her abilities of time and space manipulation. She was trapped in a curse for 9 billion years and has witnessed the changes of the U...

  • Struck (A Vampire Novel) ✔
    14.9M 527K 58

    [Completed] Elysia's life is turned upside-down when she's abducted by supernatural creatures with demonic eyes and threatening fangs. What's worse is she has no idea what it is they want from her, except that it has something to do with a side of her that she's never known. The chances of Elysia getting out alive are...

  • Brothers [ a Loki & Thor fan fiction ]
    74.8K 1.9K 22

    Reya is destined to be Thor's match, one to spend her life with for eternity. It has been written in the scribes of Asgard, that the descendants of the royal family is to marry the first born of the richest family. Reya is to marry Thor. Yet it is not Thor who is on her mind. Much rather the half-brother whom she's ne...

  • Little Doe (A Lord of the Rings Fanfiction)
    21.3K 382 13

    Aenil, a human girl rescued by Aragorn and raised in Rivendale, soon finds herself as the 10th Walker on the journey to Mt.Doom to destroy the One Ring. Being the purity, innocence and goodness of Rivendale, she must use these powers to aid the Hobbits through their temptations and save Middle Earth. Not your average...

  • The Vampire's Pet
    10.6M 447K 86

    this story contains adult content!!!! read at own risk. I glared at the vampire before me, pressing myself against the bars of my 'cage' before dropping the glare and offering him my sweetest grin, "once I get out of her I'm going to kill alllll of you!" I swept my arms out wide, my grin turning feral, "I'm going to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Troublemaker || Avengers FanFiction
    204K 7.1K 33

    Charlotte 'Charlie' Stark is the daughter of the one and only Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. She had been born when Tony and Pepper first met 14 years before the battle of New York and now it's nearly four years later and she's nearly 18. Her parents are finally together and she is living in Avengers tower with the res...

  • Silent Heroes: Wildcat
    4.6M 194K 52

    "What the hell?" I took a step closer to the mirror, staring at my reflection in disbelief. The person looking back was still me, but at the same time it wasn't. I had the same thick, dark, curly hair. The same hazel eyes. The same olive skin with a light dusting of freckles (ugh) scattered across the bridge of my...

  • Sentinel
    1.1M 61.6K 52

    When your soul is hunted, you can't hide forever. Thousands of years ago, an evil known as the corruption seeped into the land. Where once it was contained by the Sentinels -- humans or elves gifted with magic -- it now thrives unchallenged, gaining strength and claiming those that once fought it for its own. Nineteen...

  • Her Seduction
    6.3M 159K 37

    •  N O T A F A N F I C T I O N • The things I do are not for pleasure or entertainment. I do them for the sake of revenge. I seduce Vampires, drink their blood, take their money and leave them in an uncomfortable situation. Of course I can drink their blood, as long as they are not an original, a Pureb...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Silver Eyed Gilbert (TVD FANFIC) ~Damon Salvatore~
    1M 23K 34

    Elena Gilbert. The doppelganger. The girl that has too much trouble to deal with. Remember her? Well, she's not alone. People don't ever pay attention to the shadows. Until now. My name is Midnight Gilbert. *Damon Salvatore/OC* WARNING: A BIR CHOPPY IN THE BEGINNING, BUT ITS NOT YOUR REGULAR SISTER STORY. I PROMISE

    Completed   Mature
  • Constantine (Daughter of War #1)
    876K 64.5K 75

    Religion rules Constantine's world...and she has been condemned as the Spawn of the Devil. She is a Champion, a human being blessed with superhuman abilities by the deities of her world. However, her patron happens to be the Lord of War and Strategy - and women were never supposed to be Champions of War. In order to s...

  • Pursuit ➶
    86K 628 6

    ❝ I am the nightmare you have at night. The reason you lock your doors and pray to be spared. I have no morals, no obligation to anyone. People like me are condemned, condemned to live a solitary life of pain and torment. Shadows that bask in the fear people spread, too far gone to save. We weren't made to save the w...

  • Explosive || Teen Wolf [3]
    199K 7.9K 28

    "Devils don't come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky." -Lex Luthor (Book 3) (Season 3a) (Cover by Bree) (Imelda Drake series) C O M P L E T E D T E E N W O L F (OC X SCOTT MCCALL)

  • Wolf of Darkness ||A Lord of the Ring FanFic||
    116K 3.8K 40

    Aaron, being a Skin-changer, made life hard. Her own parents didn't want her and left her at the Elves' doorstep. Aragorn, son of Arathorn, found her and took her in. Now twenty-seven years later, Aaron is still running around with Aragorn; now her half-brother. They are sent to protect a Hobbit, who has somethi...

  • Mistress of the Fellowship (LOTR)
    95.9K 3.7K 88

    Born with the name Kordelia but after the slaying of her family she went by the name Ryker. A blood thirsty woman with ancient warrior blood running savagely through her veins walked middle earth with the knowing she was the last of her kind and a duty that could cost the lives of many.

  • Fireball || Derek Hale [1]
    788K 21.3K 29

    "It ain't about how hard you can hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward." -Rocky Balboa (Season 1) (Cover by Bree) (Imelda Drake series) (Book 1) C O M P L E T E D T E E N W O L F (OC X DEREK HALE)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lioness
    14.3K 674 41

    The wolves weren't the first Weres created and they weren't the last but they were the most popular and the strongest. Which is why they hunted every other Were down to near extinction only leaving the ones whose blood that was mixed with theirs alive. This left mostly hybrids and only a few other species of Weres lef...

  • Agony (Scarlet Witch)
    108K 6.1K 73

    //her world is no more// \\for her soul is as red as blood\\//and the balance in her heart tipped with death//\\her world is no more\\//for she is dead and gone//\\along with the soul of the one she once loved\\

  • Instinctual
    2K 106 5

    Being raised by wolves and living with werewolves are two different things. In a pack, wolves rely on gestures and body language to get them through life. In a pack, werewolves rely on body language and actual speech. Only during times of happiness, warning, and danger do wolves create sound to convey their feelings...

  • The Fiery Original - The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction
    61.7K 1.6K 30

    Update: Every 1-3 Weeks Alexis used to live a happy, normal life. She had a wonderful family-slightly disfunctional- but nonetheless amazing. She had five older brothers, and an older sister, who just adored Alexis. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and so had her happy times. When her youngest...

  • Pure
    10M 215K 59

    "Sometimes death isn't the death was the beginning.....and my true beginning began the day a vampire killed me...." Analise Walker has a tough everyday life. Her older sister torments her on a daily basis. Ana copes by eating and gains a lot of weight further adding fuel to her sister and classmates teasi...