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  • Remember This {G-Dragon One-Shot for NikoruChan}
    2K 22 1

    So many memories, so little time...

  • He Is After Me
    182K 4.5K 38

    Fear is a powerful sensation that sixteen-year-old Abigail Greene never would've guessed that she'd ever have to experience on a daily basis. It is a blinding feeling that encompasses an unhealthily excessive combination of worry, apprehension and paranoia. Fear initially implanted itself into Abigail's subconscious a...

  • School Days (JongHyun)
    29.1K 818 11

    They'd been friends since kindergarten, two peas in a pod. Through the bumps in the road they always stay like that... Right?

  • Kingdom Hearts: Shattered Dreams
    963 13 2

    Roxas has lost his memories of everyone he ever knew and has been transported to a new world called "Tokyo" where he lives his life as a highschool student. All seems well for him, Except for Namine. Namine, Roxas's lover, has been cursed with the Shattered Hearts Disease from an unknown source. Sora, Kairi, Riku and...