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  • Something Like Hope
    1.9K 91 10

    When you've grown up in a bad neighborhood all your life nothing seems that bad anymore. You've become numb to the pain and nothing can ever make you feel indifferent about the situations that surround you. That's exactly what has happen to Nia, she's fallen into that pit of a numb tragedy. She doesn't care about much...

  • Letters to Her
    4.8K 232 5

    I just won't let go. I can't let go... I love her too much. And I needed some way to talk to her, other than popping up at her house and blowing up her phone. So I grabbed a piece of notebook paper a pen, and began writing.. letters to her

  • Time for Love
    41.1K 1.7K 14

    He was a cold, dark lawyer and she was a girl that had lost her father...