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  • Fade (Jeon Jungkook - BTS)
    207K 11.6K 9

    MINISEQUEL TO DARK (mini bc there are like seven chapters) "I know we weren't made for an eternity, but no matter how much time passes after your death, my love for you will never fade."

  • One Last Time || jungkook
    680 53 2

    "I can't do this anymore." Suji, 26 years old, is a mother of two children. Daehyun; five, Ren; four. Her marriage has slowly torn apart, leaving her soon to divorce her 27 year old husband Jungkook. But when her in-laws arrive in town unaware of the cracks in her and Jungkook's marriage, maybe they could have one m...

  • Alien - VKook
    117K 7.2K 15

    What kind of human are you?

    Completed   Mature
  • Butterfly - BTS
    146K 10.6K 22

    And then there were none. ESPAÑOL: :العربية العربية: HIGHEST RANKING: #4 in FanFiction

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark (Jungkook - BTS)
    2.6M 111K 29

    "What's the matter, angel? Scared of the dark?" PORTUGUÊS: CZ: Türkçe: العَرَبِيَّة: [my original storyline] started summer 2015 HIGHEST RANKING: #39 in FanFiction #1 Devil #4 Supernatural 031717: hit 1m reads

  • Why is it You? [BTS Jungkook Fanfiction]
    362K 11.3K 39

    After Rian's mother died, she and her dad moved to Korea to start a new life. Attending Oaks Arts High, Rian knows only little Korean, is bullied often, and has one friend: Jinyoo. And when Jungkook starts attending this school, even more problem occurs for her. She later learns that even a stubborn and heartless girl...

  • switched [BTS suga & V]
    4.5K 260 28

    yoongi is hard-core and cool. taehyung is weird and kind. yoongi looses a bet and has to sign up at an entertainment company. taehyung gets these dreamy moods and happens to wander into the hall of a rather large building with pretty neon-red letters over the doors, tae likes the color red. they happen to arrive at t...

  • What is Love (EXO Chanyeol Fanfic)
    89.4K 3.2K 30

    She lost the one person she thought she would always have. Her family disapproves of her and it's almost as if she's been through hell and back. He is a normal guy who has almost everything; except a wife. So on their first blind date, he proposed a deal - get married. They both get something out of it. She's lost her...

  • The Girl In The Glasses (EXO BAEKHYUN FANFIC)
    1.4M 43.2K 47

    Song Nani is just one of the typical nerds. But no one knew she was best friends with EXO's Byun Baekhyun- or that she was a trainee for SM Entertainment. But what if she has more feelings for Baekhyun than what he has for her?

  • kim taehyung: broken [revising]
    158K 6K 25

    everything is broken because of you.

  • 86400
    65K 3.2K 3

    Sometimes, 86400 seconds is all someone needs, to realize what home truly means. * 86400 - written by dyoongoo

  • My Bittersweet Story (EXO fanfic) [hiatus]
    536K 18.9K 82

    Life is meant to be an adventure, Huang Dree Ah hasn't lived a happy life even though she is rich and can have everything she wants, but things change when she moves to Korea and meets people that, unexpectedly, have their own impact in her life. "Everyone says that love hurts, but that's not true. Loneliness hurts...

  • a mermaid story (exo/bts fanfic) [hiatus]
    1.8K 77 12

    those who don't believe in magic will never find it. -Roald Dahl

    120K 6.3K 52

    [ featured in wattpad's k-pop fic rec list and #4yearswithexo special post ] ❝ down, down, down. would the fall never come to an end? ❞ an exo take on the original alice in wonderland. a twisted trip down wonderland's rabbit hole and our memory lane. (c) seokjynerso.

  • Falling In Love With a Stalker || kim jongin
    677K 20.9K 43

    Song Jaerim. A girl who has nothing but her education and her dreams. She's very beautiful girl but she doesn't know how pretty she is. Unlike any other girls, she doesn't like all the girly stuffs and all the cosmetic on her face. She's contented with all the things she has in life. She maybe alone- no friends, her f...

  • Mr. Stranger's Kiss || kim jongin
    1M 36.5K 34

    ..."Hey Mr. Stranger.." She said, lifting her head, and still, her eyes were closed. "Can you do me a favor and.." she paused, sniffing. "..kiss me?" "Can you do it.. Please.." Jaehee said, with her tears slowly rolling down on her cheeks. "I wanted to feel I'm loved.. just for tonight." She continued. Without any res...

  • Her Afterlife || oh sehun || pt. 1
    587K 25.6K 34

    A girl named, Park Aira had an accident and she woke up in a new look, new surroundings, new people and a new life. Knowing that a demon saved her, she want to have her old life back. Will she be successful on having her life back or she'll remain with the demon and fall in love with him? ********* Lousy description...

  • Except You (EXO Fan Fiction)
    4.3M 95.8K 56

    Everyone adores and loves her.. .. except him. He is always nice and friendly towards everyone.. .. except her. He is quite the catch at school and with one look, he can have anyone.. .. except her. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUICK NOTE: I also posted t...

  • The Night Everything Fell Apart (EXO Sehun,Bts V)
    23.4K 2K 26

    I lost a part of me when you left . . .

  • Strictly Professional || taehyung
    6.3K 602 14

    There's only so much you can do until you fall for someone you thought you hated...

  • 100 Days (EXO Sehun)
    28.6K 1.8K 26

    "8:30 p.m. I've never journaled before but I think I would like to dedicate my first page to the person who is currently sitting next to me on this luxurious plane. Sehun, if you're ever reading this I just wanted to let you know that I really hope your passport gets shredded up and burned." Drugged halfway but he was...

  • The Aftermath || oh sehun || pt. 2
    407K 21.8K 49

    CAUSATION: Aira had an accident. She died, and a demon revived her. In exchange for that, the mortal had to live with him but as time passed by, Aira found herself falling in love and the demon, named Sehun was turning into an uncontrollaby raging killer demon for sacrificing half of his immortality to that particular...

  • Come Back To Me (BTS Fanfic/ Jungkook Fanfic)
    197K 8.2K 33

    Park Incorporated Telecommunication and Hotel Management Company The largest Korean company dominating worldwide as they give services all around the world. Kristel's mother would always be interested in what's happening with that company, but it never peaked that much of her interest. She was clueless of what that co...

  • Stay with me. (BTS fanfic/Jimin fanfic)
    286K 8.9K 29

    Jung Seoyoon, the quiet girl that only speaks when necessary, had always built walls around her with only a few managing to break through. Only a few friends, and her brother Jung Hoseok, made her comfortable enough to show her true self until she encounters Park Jimin. Things won't be as quiet as it was before when u...

  • My Beautiful Nerd | JM
    337K 9.4K 35

    Park Jimin. Just thinking of it makes me throw up. He is just one of those jerks who plays with girls hearts. I hate it. He is the most popular in the school. I may be simply a nerd but I know way more than just school. Charismatic? Handsome? Cute? Sweet? Don't make me laugh! I'm his next target, aye? Think again Park...

  • [EXO] One-Shot Collection
    1.5M 49.6K 114

    Highest ranking | #41 in Humor | #320 in Funny | #376 in Romance | #490 in Cute | #583 in Kpop | #623 in Fiction | #630 in Imagines | Ever imagined of being in the same school with EXO? Or maybe spending time with them on Valentines, New Year, or Christmas Eve? Or maybe, all of them having a crush on yo...

  • 10080
    690K 37.9K 23

    "Numbers can say things that humans never have the courage to say in words sometimes," Baekhyun said, smiling back. "Where words are vague, numbers are clear." * 10080 - written by EXObubz

  • EXO imagines
    11.4K 888 106

    Short stories/imagines about EXO~ [cover© @boreumdal] [texts© myhead™]

  • [ERROR]
    40.9K 1.8K 31

    Kyungsoo suffers from severe anxiety caused by social interactions, and feels as though his life is pointless. But all he really needs is for someone to hold his hand.

  • Destined To Oh Sehun (Exo Fanfic)
    400K 12.2K 35

    What will you do If you woke up with a stranger in your bed then you found out that there's something happened in the both of you? well, let's find out the unexpected love story of Sehun and Racheal. - PLEASE, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!! Cover made by: @baekhyunee_4 ❖ DαყLҽ წწ