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  • Trapped With One Direction.
    345K 6.5K 32

    Table of contents. Olivia Ivy James is a normal teenage girl. Nothing special about her except one thing. Her mother is a millionaire after writing and publishing a world-wide books '50 shades' of 'Darker', 'Freed' and 'Grey'. If your thinking about a wonderful life she should have with all the money, clothes and gadg...

  • The Girlfriend Project {Niall Horan}
    256K 5.6K 16

    [niall horan/ofc, completed] Niall Horan is your average superstar, stealing millions of young girls' hearts with his angelic voice. He's looking for love - the crazy, obsessive admiration he can only get from his fandom is what he's after. Niall creates a project, the girlfriend project. It consists of him traveling...

  • Misconceptions (Zayn Malik)
    11.2M 182K 43

    {book 2} ✓ - ❝ I'm tired of pity, of everyone looking at me like "poor Zayn, infatuated with his best mates's girl". I know it's not okay and if it were so easy to forget about her I would've done it already. It's not. But I just need time, not people to pity me and force me to move on. Why can't they understand that...

  • Radio Interview (Louis Tomlinson)
    6.1M 98.7K 37

    {completed} ✓ - He lost the woman he once loved due to his fame, since then he promised he would never do such a thing to a normal girl again. He would never ruin another life again. But it’s not always that easy when life puts someone who you just can’t resist in front of you.

  • Music Sheet (Harry Styles)
    19.4M 309K 54

    Watty Awards 2013 Winner! {book 3} ✓ - ❝ The moment I lost my mum things changed. I changed. I realised that no one stays forever, everyone leaves at some point, whether is willingly or not, and you're left alone, broken on the floor. I won't go through that again. I won't give people the chance to break me like that...

  • Let Yourself Fall (Liam Payne)
    8.3M 137K 45

    {completed} ✓ - For Darcy Williams her little sister is everything, and she will always be first. Always. No matter what, no matter who. Her own wishes and desires are in second place, even if it means to say no to Liam Payne because that would break her sweet little sister’s heart. “I’ll never hurt you.” That promi...