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  • Only Us
    68K 1.8K 46

    Is love something worth fighting for? How can love change an individual's life? Is there a line between right and wrong? Will love unite different paths? This is a fictional story between Bea de Leon and Jia Morado.

  • Too confuse (Too Innocent book 2) JiaMich Fan Fiction COMPLETED
    143K 3.5K 69

    Book 2 of Too Innocent (JiaMich Fan Fiction) Too complicated.. Too dumb.. Too confuse.. Ayan ang mga dapat abangan sa storya na ito.

  • Too innocent (JiaMIch Fan Fiction) COMPLETED
    147K 2.7K 52

    Best friends are best friends. They are supposed to make you smile whenever your sad. Make you happy when your down. But they are not supposed to fall in love with each other, right...

  • FATE: Jia and Mich's Side Story
    25.6K 643 15

    In Your Eyes' Side Story

  • Samurai's Kryptonite ft JiaMich (Julia Morado-Michelle Morente)
    101K 1.9K 40

    Julia Morado + Michelle Morente = MoMo/JiaMich. All out, all heart. Being bestfriends. Are they willing to cross that boundary line? Rainbows and unicorns. Are they ready to step out of the line just to be together and put everything behind?