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  • Being Me
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    There is a girl who battles her own self. All because of her insecurities. There is a girl who gets into pointless fights with her parents. All because of growing up. There is a girl who fails to see her flair. All because of herself. This girl is me, Tina Collins. And this girl could be you too. - © 2015 welkinist ...

  • My Favorite Kingdom Hearts Songs!
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    Fan songs, actual songs, whatever I put in here are Kingdom Hearts related. This is also so I can delete a couple works that have these lyrics in them already. No, I am not taking requests, and I own no lyrics in here or videos that I use.

  • Class 1-A Group Chat!
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    Class 1-A has finally made a group chat. Starring Teasing! Relationships! and Memes! Updates weekly - On hiatus Also posted on AO3 under spicypistachio and NamelessNebula Co-author is @spicypistachio

  • Kingdom Hearts (and me):Truth or Dare (Requests Open!)
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    Hello! ^_^ Since Riku just reminded me I was going to do a truth or dare book for KH, I got off my lazy butt and did it. So here you go! ^_^ Here are the characters you can truth and/or dare: Roxas Sora Axel Riku Kairi Xheanort Lea Xemnas Vanitas Demyx Mickey Marluxia Xigbar and me! ...

  • Big Hero 6 • Ask the Heroes 2 •
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    Started: 7/27/15 Ended: ✘ ✔Another Questions ✔Another Dares ✔Another Laughter ✔Another HiroGo-Zone ✔Another Book וו A S K T H E H E R E O S 2 •×•×• REQUESTS ★OPEN★ NOTE ∽ IF YOU HATE BIG HERO 6 THEN LEAVE THIS BOOK :D cover: me characters: disney and more and credits for tumblr.

  • Big Hero 6 • Ask the Heroes •
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    Started: 3/15/15 Ended: 7/26/15 ✔ Questions ✔ Dares ✔ Laughter ✔ HiroGo-Zone ✔ Personal ✔ Everything וו A S K T H E H E R E O S •×•×• REQUESTS ☆CLOSED☆ BOOK 2 ★PUBLISHED★ NOTE ∽ IF YOU HATE BIG HERO 6 THEN STOP WASTING YOUR TIME READING THIS! cover: Me characters: disney ands some credits for tumblr.