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  • Deku the symbiote (SLOW UPDATES)
    511K 9.5K 39

    The day before Izuku Midoriya turned 5 he prayed to god before going to bed and asked to be blessed with a powerful quirk not to bully the weak but to protect what mattered to him. (I don't own my hero academia all content used belongs to rightful owners)

  • Text Mate (BBS Crew Fanfic) [Completed]
    115K 7.9K 100

    Highest ranking: #518 in Fanfiction Introducing Text Mate! The first app that allows you to anonymously chat with people in your area! Just answer a few simple questions and let the app do the rest! Chat in both groups and pairs! And if you want some excitement, click the add button which will look for more people in...

  • My dad? Oh, it's Erratum. REWRITING
    9.2K 451 7

    Cil always wondered why nobody noticed him crying or hear him screaming for help. He thought he was invisible, then why can he still touch, see, hear, talk and interact with a few others? Was he really that unnoticeable? Now he knew why. His screams were met with deaf ears, his crying was seen by unmerciful eyes. That...

  • Until The Last Petal Falls
    3.6K 150 2

    * Currently rewriting. Will put back up the chapter once done with rewriting it. Will take off this notice once done rewriting all the current chapters. (I do not own this picture, Undertale, or any of the characters, they belong to their rightful owners. I only own this story) Waking up in a bed of golden flowers, th...

  • Gintama: Shiroyasha
    2.5K 91 1

    In which, Hijikata found out Gintoki's past, when he was drunk, now he wants to know what was Gintoki's attitude back then. And, Kagura and Shinpachi is curious.... On which is the real Gintoki. Gengai is making a time machine... Now, what should they do, when they were blasted to the past 11 years before. "That's why...

  • Hiding the Truth (A One Piece Fanfiction) *EDITING*
    350K 11.4K 51

    We all know the infamous Straw Hat pirate's captain, Monkey D. Luffy's brothers are Portagas D. Ace and Sabo. But what if he had a sister. Would the story be any different? Monkey D. Lana is Luffy's younger sister and she is on the run. But from whom? And does it have anything to do with her devil fruit ability?

  • Pandora
    13.3K 552 9

    Shinichi is rightfully pandora's guardian. So naturally, when she finds out her favorite elusive thief is after her friend, she protects the gem. And what's that saying? "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Did I mention that Pandora's new favorite hobby is playing matchmaker for a certain detective and...

  • Sulking (boyxboy)
    7.9K 353 1

    "The students of class 2B were at the end of the bearable. All of them watched the boy in the dark blue hoodie, face hidden behind the hood, with awaiting concern. And why? Because Kuroba Kaito was sulking." Kaito behaves very strange. Hakuba gets concerned. What possebly happened to Kaito to let his Pokerface scatter...

  • Kid's Curiousity
    12.5K 305 1

    Kid has been curious of something, but what is it? Find out by reading.

  • (No) one gets hurt! (boyxboy, KaiShin)
    5.1K 231 1

    written: 18.10.15 Fandom: Detective Conan/Case Closed & Magic Kaitou Summary: What happened to Shinichi?, Kaito wonders. Something is wrong. Is he injured!? How? And Why? Kaito gets worried about his best friend and confronts him about it. /oneshot/shounen-ai/Kaishin, Shinkai/Fluff? pre-relationship I don't own MK or...

  • Take Down
    23.8K 783 9

    Conan and KID find themselves in a strange alliance as they both go against the Black Organization. The thief slowly starts to find out all of his tantei-kun's secrets, one of which the shrunken detective has a hard time to explain.. Being extremely flustered and all. "Tantei-kun is a Tantei-chan!" Fluff- Fem!Shin...