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  • Coco's Graphic Shop (Open For Requests)
    1.9K 59 38

    Welcome to my graphic shop! Here I take requests for covers, and on rare occasions banners and just random things you want done. Enter now, to read more

  • Oasis Of Writing Awards
    1.7K 240 21

    The Oasis Of Writing Awards are open for Autumn 2019! With loads of genres to enter, and extra categories such as "Best Description" and "Best Main Character," there's nothing left to do but enter! Open for participants and judges. Entries close September 6th, judging concludes September 13th.

  • One last dream
    211 29 4

    I will get back to this back as for now I am editing and fixing a few details Amity and Lilah always wanted to escape their world and when They found a portal to a different dimension they didn't even think twice before going right through. But what happens when they find out that this Dimension is not that different...

  • Coco's Giveaway
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    Created for my 1k giveaway

  • The Ocean Blue Winners!
    1.4K 204 19

    Contains all the winners of The Ocean Blue Awards and their wonderful books! Come inside and celebrate the creative goodness they have to offer.

  • The Wini Awards 2019 [Open: Currently Accepting Judges And Entries]
    3.9K 747 10

    Welcome! Current status: Open( ★★ ) for all entries in genres and judges Closed** judging** This huge awards, is brought to you to help undiscovered Authors/Writers. An awards that helps you, yes you discover your potential, a contest that the prizes are worth it...

  • The Ocean Blue Awards (Closed)
    6.6K 361 14

    CLOSED The aim of this contest is to get all the great undiscovered books out there the recognition they deserve. We are looking for judges and participants alike. Many prizes will be awarded (See inside for details).

  • The Infinity Awards
    16.3K 1.2K 26

    [❌] Open [✔] Judging [ ] Closed Tired of being labelled as an 'unrecognised' author? Do you believe that your book has everything a bestseller needs, except for exposure? If yes, then you're at the right place! Welcome to the Infinity Awards! All credit for the lovely cover goes to @ImperfectARA

  • Authentic Skull Awards 2019
    13.8K 964 18

    Open [ ] Judging [ ✔️ ] Closed [ ] 💀Welcome to the Realm of Skulls💀 [See the section of 'SPOTS LEFT' to know how many spots are available] Further instructions are inside the Book. Please Read everything.

  • Author Interviews
    4.9K 1.2K 148

    [ COVER BY @Laurel_Marie_Writes!! ] [ALWAYS OPEN] As writers, we want to inspire, move, and excite our readers through our stories. But who are the people behind those stories? Thus, I've created this book, a place for readers to get to know their favorite authors and for authors to get to know one another. Fill out a...

  • The Quiet Words
    297 75 12

    Un recueil de poème, pour dire ce qui reste oublié, ignoré et délaissé J'espère que vous aimerez mes poèmes que ce soit en français ou même en anglais. Enjoy^^ I wanted to write a collection of poems about the quiet words, and the forgotten sentences. I write in english but also in french, so tell me if you want the...

  • Zombie Diaries 2019
    466 186 24

    I'm an average guy. Average grades (for my area). (Less than) average looks. Average future. Well that all turned upside down when the zombie apocalypse hit, and now I'm a zombie-slaying superhero - in my dreams. But, yeah, the zombie apocalypse changed my life, and I guess I made this diary to chronicle my life in th...

  • The 2019 Watty Awards
    1.1M 30.8K 15

    The Watty Awards are Wattpad's annual celebration of the electrifying, visionary, diverse voices that choose to share their stories on Wattpad every year. Across a decade of Wattys, we've celebrated the journey millions of Wattpad writers undertake to bring their stories from their dreams and into the lives of readers...

  • The Adventures of a Desert Fairy
    20 7 2

    A young, curious desert fairy, Ava Gumtree, who's heritage is close to extinct, enters into a human house. After discovering the computer of a young girls, she unknowingly talks to another fairy on the chat site the human uses. When the fairy discovers who she's really talking to, goes on a huge, dangerous and treache...

  • The Fiction Awards 2019
    186K 2.7K 3

    The Fiction Awards 2019 have arrived! All genres of fiction. All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin.

  • Lisa adventure ( guardian of nine heavens fanfiction )
    1.5K 87 92

    (I have permission to do this is just a fanfic from the original book okay it's just a bunch of my oc doing things the writer of this is Tamuna tsertsvadze the books are in order (the guardian's of the nine heavens fanfic ) the guardian angel the guardian spirit the guardian demon : check them out they are pret...

  • ♡||Unspoken Feelings||♡
    6.1K 2.2K 102

    Just like A flower, She'll Bloom and Wither Away. Trying to describe life with the Feelings that I have, Using the beauty of Words. Poem Book. #Wattys2019

  • Legends of Celestite | Volume One: The All Bearer (Ongoing Anime Series)
    10.6K 1.9K 31

    🗡Updated 2019/08/04🗡Upcoming Update: (Full grammatical prose edits for chapters 1-22 are coming September 2019!) Ensorcelled gemstones. Unearthly beasts. Mana will shatter and be reborn. A devastating event releases magical chaos upon the world, rehoming its lifeforce within a breathless clutch. Azmoria has lost t...

  • Blade Song
    3K 301 31

    Here in the demon world, savagery and brutality abound. A half-breed, such as myself, that roams around freely is a rare sight, but don't let my appearance fool you. I'm as brutal as they come. I don't know how many lives I've claimed with these blades, but whatever the number, I am never satisfied. I'll do whatever I...

  • I Don't Belong Here
    917 65 16

    Sakura a young girl, who has just turned 18 years old, and is her special day. A friend of hers wanted to buy a present, before her parents celebrated her birthday in the evening. After her friend Katie takes her into an erie magic shop, only to be greeted by an attractive ominous woman. She gives Sakura a elebrate ru...

  • The Lion Prides: Icewind
    84 0 11

    Icewind is a young lion with a destiny that has been laid out for him by a family feud lasting generations. When he recieves an invitation to Darkfur's (the Lion's King) feast, he discovers that he must challenge the king for leadership. Will Icewind be able to end the family quarrel? Or will he end up subjecting hi...

  • Anime Manga Fans Book Club
    7.1K 192 64

    Do you write fanfics for anime or manga series, or simply anime-inspired originals? Do you end up with little to no reads and comments? Do you want beefy comments that encourage you and help you improve? This is the right place for you! Cover by TheGreatSphinx

  • True Love Is Worth Waiting For
    15.6K 451 6

    Sesshomaru left Rin in the human village. But what happened after? A story of my own imaginings with a Sess/Rin paring, Complete.

  • Glimmer
    41 9 2

    A rare female white reindeer in the North Pole dreams to be apart of Santa's Sleigh but gets made fun of for being a girl and because of her fur colour. Will her dream come true or will the other reindeer destroy her dreams completely? Cover made by @LizScarlett

  • Earth-chan and Friends
    8.8K 284 24

    The story of a young girl, Earth-chan, our mother planet, who studies at Planetarium college together with other planets and stars, and is the only one to have tiny creatures - humans - inhabit her hair. Due to such difference from the other planets, Earth-chan is often bullied, and yet, she adores the little humans...

  • Zodiac Heroes (Zariel Legends #2)
    7.3K 728 69

    2 years have passed since the Rose Cruce Order was appointed the Royal Order of the Zariel realm and moved into the Zodiac Palace. It is now the most powerful and prestigious order in the whole realm. Three cousins - Matteo Di Matteus, Lovely Braun, and her younger brother Zion Braun - travel to the Peak of Placidus t...

  • The Guardian Demon (The Guardians of Nine Heavens #3)
    8.6K 587 35

    Johanne Green is a 15-year-old girl who lives in Golden City, the capital of West Land, the place where everyone has a guardian angel to protect them and guide them towards purification. Johanne's mother is the mayoress of Golden City, Linda Black, who is bonded with the mightiest of all angels, the Archangel of Crea...

  • Kuro
    918 55 8

    Kuro, a young 2 years old black dog was born on the streets. Survival is a must as there are many dangers lurking wherever he goes. Will he ever find comfort in a desolate, lonely place or will he die? Giving awareness to stray, abused and neglected animals who deserve our love. Cover made by @CelestialShadowWolf

  • The Story Of Life After Death (DISCONTINUED)
    82 25 7

    Four survivors are followed by a god, and in his desperate plea for his own survival attempts to keep them, and any other survivors that they might meet, alive. His name... was death. Be careful. This book will give you the illusion of knowing what's happening, when something completely different is happening on the...

  • Give Me Love Or Take Everything ✓
    9.7K 3K 41

    Give Me Love Or Take Everything is a unique and emotional short story written in poems that follow the love adventure of two strangers who become one. Every chapter is twelve words. [Completed]