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  • Don't Forget [Andy Biersack]
    629K 14.7K 23

    18 year old Kalliska Terrix, otherwise known as Kalli, has suffered hell from her father and her tormentors at High School. She can only find peace within music and lyrics, so what happens when her School involve their top musical students in a program which could change Kalli's life forever? How will she cope with th...

  • I'll Carry You My Darkest Desire {Black Veil Brides Story}
    438K 11.8K 36

    Athena is a 19 year old who suffers from severe Anxiety and Major Depression. She's been suffering this after one of her best friend and they guy she mostly liked leaves her without a trace. Andy...She was really close with him since they were kids. She never had the guts to tell him tough..One day he leaves and le...

  • Dr.Purdy (an Ashley Purdy X reader story)
    10K 252 20

    "Doctor Purdy," (Y/N) says. "Yes?" "Do you think Im crazy?" She asks. "No, of course not. You've been through a lot. This is a mental hospital, not an asylum. Asylums don't do anything but make you crazy. Here, we help you. Not fix you, like most asylums say. Your not broken. We help you to conquer your mental illness...

  • My neighbor from BVB~ Jinxx X Reader (Finished)
    12.1K 385 26

    He presses your back against the wall, his hands on your hips. He moves his face closer to yours, and presses his soft lips against yours. You work your fingers into his hair, as you melt into the kiss. "I'm never letting you go, (Y/N)." Jinxx says, as you break apart. "Neither am I." You whisper in his ear. ~x~x~x~x...

  • A Jake Pitts love story.....
    50.3K 889 65

    Lucy Brown is a successful crime fiction author, she moved to America from England. And one day by chance she meets someone she doesn't know and it grows into something amazing

  • A unlikely meeting (Andy x reader)
    149K 4.2K 42

    What happens when u met the lead singer of bvb in a pool hall? Well let's just say it changes everything

  • Surviving Him (Andy Biersack love story)
    247K 8.7K 49

    Morgan had it all. She was head cheerleader, had an amazing home life, kept her best friend Samm balanced, and overall, life was good. That was until HE came. Then this perfect life turned into a mere hell.

    Completed   Mature
  • Let me love you {on your knees} [an Andy Biersack FanFic]
    133K 3.8K 35

    Isabella has just graduated from high school, unsure of what exactly she wants to do next. She has a current job at the local Starbucks so since she is making money right now she is not in a rush to decide. All that she wants to do in the moment is try to have one of the best summers of her life with all of her friend...

    Completed   Mature
  • World of Sacrifice (Sequel to The Devil In The Mirror)
    25.5K 1.1K 22

    Oracle Biersack is about to start her freshman year in high school, but things don't seem bright for the Biersack family when old faces start to turn up. Can Andy protect his family?

  • The Brightest Star In All The Glory [Andy Biersack Story]
    767K 13.5K 44

    Heather Mason is the lead vocalist of world famous cover band Rebels Of The Century. She and the front man of Black Veil Brides, had been long time best friends. Things didn't end well when Andy started Black Veil Brides, leaving her behind heartbroken and betrayed. Will Heather find it within herself to ever forgive...

  • Kidnapped By Black Veil Brides And Falling In Reverse? (Jacky Vincent)
    10.8K 344 5

    Stormanna Kiera Synysta Hanes. She was the metalhead. Her favourite bands ranged from Avenged Sevenfold to Suicide Silence. Plus, she HATED Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, any band like that. But one day she is on her way to her Saturday job at Blue Banana she gets pulled into a van by both of those bands...

  • The Devil in the Mirror (Andy Biersack Love Story)
    617K 24.4K 79

    A tough break up leaves Andy mean, cold, angry and drowning his feelings in cigarettes and alcohol. Can a new merch girl change that?

  • You Were There All Along *Book 3 to Second Chances*
    158K 6.2K 81

    *Trilogy to Second Chances* After all that happened with the car crash, everything with Jamie and AJ, and loosing her eye Star feels forever heartbroken. She has had a while to think things through, and with Black Veil Brides' help, mostly Andy, she is...

  • Heartaches and Heartbreaks *Book 2 to Second Chances*
    126K 5.7K 47

    Sequel to Second Chances *An Andy Biersack Love Story* After the rough recovery of the things that happened with Jamie, Star meets a nice guy named AJ, or so she thinks.... Star is now living with Andy Biersack, and he is not to sure about AJ. Which he's got a good reason not to be. An...

  • The Unexpected, Fallen Angel. (Andy Biersack Fan Fiction)
    277K 10K 47

    DISCLAIMER* I am no longer in use of this account, nor any of my stories, I am no longer a huge BVB fan and I know my stories have horrible grammar and false information and the plot/storyline can be a bit weird at times but I am very thankful for anyone and everyone who has read or reads my stories. Thanks x Jade-Lee...

  • Rescued By The Saviour (Black Veil Brides fanfic)COMPLETED
    698K 23.4K 88

    Kenadee was in a happy relashinship till her boyfriend of 3 years had cheated on her at a black veil brides concert. When she found out she winded up falling into the arms of Andy biersack.

  • Saviour A Black Veil Brides Love Series #Wattys2015
    834K 26.3K 60

    Raven is the outcast in her school. She’s the quiet one, the one that stays to herself and really has no friends. Her father doesn’t even look at her. Everyone in her school has labeled her as the emo goth one, the one that doesn’t fit in. But who says you have to fit in to find true love? Andy is the singer. He’s alw...

  • My Own Rebel Love Story {COMPLETED}
    43K 1.4K 29

    Mary is 23 years old. What will happen when she meets Andy and the rest of bvb? Will she fall in love or will a crazy ex and boss ruin it all? Read to find out! (Strong language) (Sorry, I'm bad with descriptions)

  • Beautiful Noise (Black Veil Brides Fanfic) - COMPLETED
    297K 10.2K 34

    When 17 year old Emilee meets unknown punk rock band Black Veil Brides, she has no idea who they are!! But she soon learns they'll play a huge part in her life. When she meets Andy, CC, Jinxx, Ashley and Jake, she discovers many things. Love, friendship, a great taste in music and maybe even a few other friends. Will...

  • Rebel love (ashley purdy love story)
    133K 4K 35

    Helena Biersack is 18 years old well almost anyway . the name sound familliar well shes the little sister of the great Andy Biersack. soon Helena and ashley purdy fall for each other but will Jayy Von Monroe standing the way

  • The Ultimate Purdy Girl
    132K 4.2K 33

    Ashley Purdy is finally tired of being the only single in Black Veil Brides. All the guys have girlfriends except him. Although Ashley knows he can get any girl he wants, he wants to have the Ultimate Purdy Girl. Not some obsessive, crazy chick like his last girlfriend, he wants a girl to be just like him, Will Ashley...

  • Is This Fate? (Black Veil Brides Fanfic)
    559K 16.7K 39

    *Disclaimer* This story was written in 2012 when I was 15 years old. It is obviously not perfect. The guys are based on the ages they were in 2012. The opinions expressed in this story are no longer my own, and I apologize if anyone is offended. One day I may go back and edit this. *End Disclaimer* Nearly 18 year old...

  • A Broken Scar's Outlaw (An Ashley Purdy Love Story)
    234K 6.4K 26

    Scarlett Ferguson was the second born in her family. But as she gets older her parents marriage begins to fall apart. All she has is her brother Jeremy "Jinxx", and her best friend Sam. Her brother introduces her to guitar, opening the gate to a musical prodigy. The comes the day when Jeremy decides to leave. She is l...

  • Hello Kitty, Will You Be My Outlaw? (BVB fanfic)
    54.7K 2.1K 24

    When Victoria Paige Pierce goes to a BVB concert and ends up beaten and raped she waits for the angels to just come and take her. She wakes up with five outcasts instead with the all famous man whore, Ashley Purdy. But Ashley doesn't seem to take any notice to her unless she's watching hello kitty with him or he just...

  • Jinxx's Daughter
    284K 9.3K 39

    Emily's whole life has been a lie. She's been a twin all her life but she looks nothing like her sister or the rest of her family. Her parents abuse her. She cuts. She's the outcast at school. What happens when she finds out the truth? What happens when she finds out that she's not really Emily Johanson, but Jade Ferg...

  • Saved: A BVB Fan Fiction. (Mostly Ashley Purdy)
    107K 2.9K 37

    On her way to Hollywood for her senior trip, Marilyn Adams meets one of her heroes and he changes her live forever.

  • Kidnapped by Ashley Purdy!?
    61.8K 2.3K 32

    Chelsea is a 18 year old girl who gets invited to a BVB concert by her best friends. Ashley takes a liking to her but Chelsea doesn't feel the same towards him so Ashley decides to act fast..In the worst possible way.... *DISCLAIMER* This story mentions subjects like abuse/rape and if you will be affected - I suggest...

  • Outlaw's Girl [Ashley Purdy. Book 1]
    258K 6.9K 23

    **Sequel now available** Annabelle Hunter isn't happy with anything in her life, having a drug addict for a mother and a father whom abandoned her at a very young age, she's never been used to feeling secure with anything. Until one day she meets a boy called Ashley, and he changes everything.