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  • Awakened (Teen Wolf) Book 3
    547K 17.1K 53

    Anna has finally found out what her green eyes mean, but it was too late and now she has to deal with the consequences. Derek can't be contacted and now Peter has gone missing. On top of that, Anna is not the only one having difficulties. Scott and Allison are hallucinating and Stiles is slowly losing his mind. Only...

  • Shattered (Teen Wolf) Book 2
    687K 20.4K 53

    This is the sequel to Transformed so if you have not read it i would highly recommend that you do before reading Second Bite. It has been 3 months since everything went down with the Kanima and Gerard. Even though Erica and Boyd are missing and the pack hasn't stopped looking for them, everything seems to be normal...

  • Connected (Teen Wolf) Book 4
    309K 12.8K 59

    Anna and Scott are now bonded. He can help her control the Nix, but it still seeps through occasionally in her dreams. And he is always there. In the shadows. Watching the Nix. Never making a move and never saying a word, just observing. She doesn't know who she is, but she can tell he knows her. The Nogistune has be...

  • Damaged (Teen Wolf) Book 5
    151K 6.4K 60

    "I hate this place. If you ask me it's more likely to send people mad than help them." - Anna Fields to Jordan Parrish on Eichen House from 'Connected' As time goes by Anna remains unfound and alone. With no way of telling the time, it soon becomes irrelevant... and so does she. Nights become days, days become...

  • The Only One ( Teen Wolf )
    1.1M 23.5K 33

    THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK TO MY OTHER STORY "The Other Girl!" So please if you haven't read The Other Girl, please go read it first :) This second book probably WONT make and sense if you don't! PLEASE GO READ "THE OTHER GIRL" FIRST AND STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW! I just don't want to spoil anything for you guys if you...