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  • Jupiter Falls ✓
    27.5K 1.9K 24

    It was always Jupiter and Hayley, but then there was Harry. Jupiter's journey to finding herself and possibly some romance along the way. ( cover design : @weeknder )

  • sperm donor ♔ styles
    1.6M 67.5K 58

    ❝you're just the sperm donor; and that's all you'll ever be.❞ WARNING: THIS STORY IS NOT EDITED AND IS RUSHED AND, TO BE HONEST, NOT MY BEST WORK. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. © payning ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

  • The Parent Plan » Harry Styles
    1.3M 60.1K 43

    [completed] Two five year olds, two single parents - one plan. ©2014 TypicalFangirlx all rights reserved.

  • the long way home [ h.s. ]
    515K 20.8K 34

    His eyes could ruin someone with a single look. Her smile could cure the loneliest heart. ☓ All Rights Reserved 2018

  • Eucatastrophe ~ h.s.
    369K 15.4K 78

    Highest Rankings: #156 in TeenRomance #408 in OneDirection #570 in HarryStyles This isn't how it was supposed to go. That Night wasn't supposed to happen. My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

  • The Bestfriend (Preview)
    4.1M 150K 53

    (The last five chapters are unavailable since this book is now published with BLVNP on Amazon. Due to copyright they had to be taken down... Check out the edited and published version that is linked in my bio!) I'm almost confident everyone has heard the very overused story of the girl that falls in love with her best...

  • Peggy √
    62.1K 2.8K 17

    "The worst thing about a disability is that people see it before they see you." Started: May 29th, 2017 Finished: June 28th, 2017 Highest Ranking: #623 in short story

  • We Were In Love
    954K 36.6K 23

    Book 1 of ''We Were'' books We Were In Love | Harry Styles AU | Short Story | completed ✓ ''Who knew a barbecue on a rooftop would be one of the best nights they had ever witnessed?'' COVER BY @extraordinarrily ©Butterflytattoo #1 Fanfiction #50 short story

  • The Lingerie Experiment
    22.8K 874 8

    Evie decides to wear Lingerie to bed every night for a week...just to see the effect it might have on her relationship with her boyfriend Harry Styles

    Completed   Mature
  • Adore [H.S.]
    18.8M 457K 79

    Isabella Maxwell: a girl that craved adventure. Harry Styles: a guy that fights to give her one. Harry Styles AU // This story has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Styles. His physical traits are used but nothing more. This is fiction. // Includes mature scenes without warning. All Rights Reserved © jhildey 2014 *...

  • Roommates [h.s]
    355K 11.6K 38

    I think it's unhealthy to have someone cause this much pain and sadness when all you do is love them with everything you have. All rights reserved to Paleharold © Copyright of 2015 Summer

    Completed   Mature
  • ripped jeans | hes
    470K 23.4K 91

    I never understood why he ripped his jeans. Don't trust a boy who rips his jeans. He somehow manages to rip up everything else, everything that matters anyway. He said that everybody and everything rips eventually, so why not speed up the process? I didn't know what to say. His mind was complex is ways I could never...

  • Lovesick // Harry Styles
    31K 1.1K 13

    ••• When Emilia Flores met Harry Styles, he soon became a big part of her life. They fell in love quickly. It should have been great. It was great. But when love turns into a dark reality, who will be the one to survive?

  • fresh lemonade | h.s au
    58.7K 2.9K 17

    "What do you have there baby?" "Fresh lemonade would you like some?" "Sure babe, where'd you get the lemons from?" "Well when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade so you best drink up because this will be the last thing you take from me." beyoncé knowles & harry styles || au [based off of Beyoncé's album Lemonade]

  • gold | harry s.
    63.9K 3.6K 20

    in which a single mother falls in love with her daughter's kindergarten teacher mr.styles, but he happens to be stuck in an abusive relationship and is struggling to find a way out. [interracial] © BookOfBandz 2017 started : (july 2nd, 2017) finished : (july 8th, 2017) warning : this book contains verbal, physical abu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Adeline ✧ h.s. ✓
    2.8M 57.9K 57

    "You're seven years older..." "Oh, but, baby, age is just a number." Copyright 2016: NikeyStyles Ranked: #1 in Fanfiction {09/16/18}

  • Baby Boy☽ styles [Editing]
    182K 3.8K 14

    ❝Aww Baby boy Harry is upset.❞ ⚠️EDITING⚠️

    Completed   Mature
  • the lucky ones | h.s
    110K 3.3K 37

    "every now and then the stars align boy and girl meet by the great design could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?" selena gomez & harry styles || completed [based off of the movie Win a Date with Tad Hamilton]

  • woman [daddy!harry]
    318K 9.5K 49

    "you made me feel like a woman..." in which a student develops a crush for her teacher [ all rights reserved © flossings 2016. ]

    Completed   Mature
  • Flower Bouquet || h.s
    112K 4.6K 26

    "Harry, I'm going to catch that damn bouquet." The curls in his hair bounced as he turned my way. A dimple formed on his cheek while he smirked. That slight, mischievous twinkle shined through in his green eyes. "I'm going to catch that bouquet and I'm going to marry the man of my dreams." He chuckled. "You might need...

  • Escapade [harry styles au]
    306K 10.5K 73

    Patience Blake is a top agent, but so is Harry Styles. Will they work well together, or will problems stand in their way?

  • valerie ❀ harry
    73.6K 402 4

    PROCESS OF REWRITE BUT ONGOING They teared and tugged at the strings holding them together ~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Age gap. Tutor!Harry. Sexual content. Comedy.

  • Doctor's Orders
    2.8M 82.7K 80

    Highest Rank: #3 in Fanfiction! :D Ellie is a bright and bubbly, yet dedicated new nurse in the Emergency Department at Chicago Medical Institute. Dr. Harry Styles, meticulous, hardworking, and driven, is the head of the department. Ellie's little quirks rub him the wrong way, and the doctor's critical nature drives h...

  • vegas | H.S.
    228K 7.9K 46

    a story of a man who becomes hopelessly in love with a woman that thinks his intentions are nothing but that. [A Dramatic Romance Alternate Universe Novel] highest rank: + #179 in fanfiction + #208 in fanfiction + #480 in fanfiction + #508 in fanfiction + #980 in fanfiction THANK YOU TO EVERY READER FOR SUPPORT, V...

  • bedfellow | harry styles au
    166K 6.4K 41

    bedfellow; a person who shares a bed with another in which a sad girl and a troubled boy share a bed, nothing else.

  • deaf ❥ h.s.
    47.5K 2K 10

    Amelia and Harry's fated love story. original by tragedy101

  • About (Harry Styles)
    384K 13.4K 93

    But I know I can't be that for him. Because every time he looks at me, I'm never gonna be home for him. I'll always be someone who reminds him of what he did. And to make sure I don't do that, I have to leave. As long as he no longer feels guilty and have to carry the burden, I'll pretend as if everything was a dr...

  • camouflage [h.s]
    22.2M 619K 56

    She's always been the shy girl that no one notices, but once she catches Harry's attention will things ever be the same again?

  • Nowhere In Particular // H.S.
    1M 48.5K 47

    "Life is about deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims, and rambling conversations." -Unknown Running away wasn't the hard part of it. In fact, that took very little thought at all. Trying to figure out why it felt so right was what made it complicated. How a boy on a bus changes everything.

  • Royalty
    12.3M 264K 77

    Have you ever met someone that took your breath away? The very sight of them was beautiful, and you just couldn't stand to be a second away from them? They were so far out of your league, but you just couldn't keep away? You wanted to do everything to please them and let them know they mean so much to you? T...