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  • [On Hold]Cat Fur✗Black feathers (Urushihara x Neko!reader)
    71.2K 2.6K 31

    (Y/n)-Chan is from ente isle and came cause the church but why she isn't really known and has no side in war cause she doesn't live in heaven or hell but what's the secrets behind this kitty. But will the idiotic things that happen be first to get in the way....:3 I know I am going to slight oc reader but anything you...

  • Baby Fallen Angel
    12.9K 610 39

  • Urushihara x reader
    55.7K 1.2K 28

    Completed   Mature
  • Lucifer X Reader
    19K 650 17

    My Lucifer x Reader Fanfiction, I hope you enjoy it! **Most Impressive Ranking** 32/275 in "Awesomeness" **Other Rankings** 187/13.k in "Lucifer" 14/73 in "Loveydovey"

  • The Daughter Of Satan (the devil is a part-timer fanfic)
    5.3K 187 5

    Satara is the daughter of Satan himself and is a demon princess in a way. her father left for the human world during a war with the angels and hasn't returned yet. when she goes to the human world, she finds herself almost out of magic and speaking jibberish according to the humans of the land she was transported to...

  • [Love Thy Neighbor] The Devil Is A Part-timer! [*DISCONTINUED*]
    4.2K 204 12

    [Love Thy Neighbor] The Devil Is A Part-timer! Sarah Jackson just moved from America and is now living alone, hoping to get into a great school and a job, Sarah never knew how fast her life turned upside down after running into a purple haired boy. [Love Thy Neighbor] H A L E I G H [The Devil Is A Part-timer!] S A T O...

  • Lucifer x Reader The Devil Is A Part-Timer
    176K 5.3K 29

    The Devil is a Part-Timer! Fanfic Thanks for all the support! Tell me what you would all like for me to do next!

  • Demons (The Devil is a Part-timer urushihara/lucifer love story) <Discontinued>
    15.7K 601 29

    Yuuki is a demon. No not from Ente Ise. (sp?) She's from Earth. Kiyohime was out to destroy Moau, and every other demon but she is hesitant.

  • death becomes a NEET (the devils a part timer fan fiction)
    28.3K 1.1K 26

    a grim reaper moves to Tokyo to live as a human and a reaper. later she finds out that Satan,alceil, and emilia the hero are on earth as well. she is a antisocial (like someone you might know) but at night she has to collect human souls. surprisingly she has been befriended by maou and his little "crew". but later on...

  • 《Forget Me Not》A The Devil is a Part Timer Fan Fiction {Lucifer/Urushihara x Reader OC}
    6.1K 237 6

    The way she smiled; friendly and understanding. But best of all: It never changed. ~~~~~~~~ Not everything is as it seems. A girl by the name of Hikari Suta is found just outside MgRonalds, claiming to have amnesia. But, she is not for the purposes the Maou household expects. She isn’t even from this world! Yes, Hikar...

  • The Six Mage's ( The Devils a part timer Fan-Fic)
    364 10 2

    500 years ago there were a race of humans called "Mage's" they all had the ability to summon out demons, weapons or anything to aid to there quest. A few hundred years later they were hunted to only a group of six children. One girl and five boys all related. The girl is a hunter and hunts demons while at the same tim...

  • The devils a part timer boyfriend scenario
    34.4K 1K 29

    Read the title please, I figured sense there isn't a lot of these I would make one.

  • My King [Sadao Maou X Reader]
    155K 4.5K 14

    Tired of reading other peoples love story? Then why don't you fill yourself in this story? Do you want your boyfriend to be The Satan King? Or a McRonglads manager? Find out in this book! ©Do Not Copy My Story or You Will be Reported Immediately I Do Not Own The Devil Is A Part Timer