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  • YA Book Reviews 2018
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    Book Reviews of 2018

  • Reviews and Writing Help from Adultfiction
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    If you're writing adultfiction and are facing a specific writing-related problem, this is the place to come for help. We will review one chapter of your work and respond to your question.

  • Reviews
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    Can't decide what to read next? Drop into our Raunchy Reviews to find our exclusive recommendations!

  • Community Focus
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    In an ongoing series of weekly posts, we'll be shining a spotlight on different sectors of the Wattpad Community. Here, we will focus on our wonderful Community run profiles and projects, look at the tremendous diversity Wattpad has to offer, and highlight a different sector of the Wattpad Community each week. So if...

  • Book Launches
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    The latest and greatest about all your favorite published Wattpad books can be found in this story. Now with even more publishing deals happening, find all the details and buzz about which Wattpad books you can purchase in bookstores and online right here.

  • Adultfiction Contests
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    Contests organised by the Adultfiction Profile

  • Contests
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    The hub for all of After Dark's lively contests

  • The Open Novella Contest
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    The Open Novella contest - the biggest collaboration on Wattpad and a contest of ling words and mega prizes!

  • Contests
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    This is where you can find details of contests currently running on Wattpad both directly by us, and by our wonderful Community profiles. Some will have prizes, some will be specific to countries or genres or themes, some will simply showcase your work on a wonderful reading list. But all our contests will get you thi...

  • Wattpad Reviews
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    This work contains my BOOK REVIEWS of other author's works on Wattpad. All book reviews and any associated content belonging to that work are published with permission of the author. × I do take requests. I only review books in English because I am not fluent in other languages. [ONGOING] ☆ RANKINGS: #133 - bookreview...

  • Burning Passion 2018 Awards
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    Welcome to the Burning Passion Awards 2018! [Open] All genres are available! But for each genre, there are judges. Please follow he rules and regulations! We take in judges too! Participants will be having a sticker as well. Which you will be given by the main admin, @CharlieJayHana Thank you~ Join in the awards as yo...

  • Contests
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    A guide about all the ongoing Contests

  • Short Story Contests
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    Fancy writing some short fiction? This collection contains a series of prompts that can be used as a personal challenge, a way to compete with your fellow Wattpadders and of course a great place to find some great stories. Everything from vignettes to flash fiction, a celebration of all things Short Story Read the mo...