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  • The Captive (First Book in the Neverland Bound Series)
    118K 3.9K 23

    "Davis, take her to the cage." Pan then turns and strides away. "Yes, sir," Davis replies while smirking at me. Despite my protests, he roughly grabs my arm and hauls me away from the group of boys and into the surrounding forest. I wait until I'm sure we are out of earshot before I make my move. I stamp on his fo...

  • The Lost Girl (ouat Peter Pan x Reader)
    180K 5.8K 34

    After spending most of your life in foster and your brother leaving you, you start to lose all hope. Until one night a shadow appears at your window and takes you to Neverland where you meet Peter Pan. While at Neverland you discover your own secrets and find something new that you had never experienced. See how Peter...

  • ☄ Numinous ☄An OUAT Peter Pan / Supernatural Reader Insert (HIATUS)
    10.4K 300 8

    An island in which the inhabitants never age. An island without a king, but not without a ruler. A devious boy, who's cynical eyes and taunting smirk drew you into the depths of the dark fantasy land. A frustrating gentlemanly pirate captain, who can't decide whether to play the role of friend or foe. An old friend...

  • Arranged Marriage with the Womanizer
    90.6K 3.6K 29

    Normally his pants would, but this time his eyes bulged. "Arranged Marriage?!" Ever been in a situation where your parents have lost it and decided to suddenly force you to marry some dude who sleeps with the whole female population? Here's a spoiler, it's NOT at all pretty.

    Completed   Mature
  • What You Don't Know Can Hurt You(DISCONTINUED)
    3.2K 131 12

    (OUAT x Fem! Reader) You recently graduated college and decided that it was time to see the world. Your first stop; Storybrooke, Maine.