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  • 1000 Reasons To Smile
    7.8K 461 32

    Life is full of challenges, some easier than others. One day, Life comes up with a challenge for Peyton Brooks, a 'normal' and slightly (okay, maybe very) boring girl. Life bet that he could find 100 reasons to cry before she could find 1000 reasons to smile. At first Peyton thought this was going to be a piece of c...

  • My Way Back Home
    63 0 5

    She was happy. She had all she could hope for in her life. She had a loving family and caring friends. But one day, she had lost everything.

  • Dream Land
    917 45 11

    Lola has been chosen to be in a special dream corporation called CGI where she saves dreams from the nightmare people. But it's very dangerous... (This is my first story, so it's probably extremely cringe-worthy..... Just warning Also there will be a random photo each chapter at the start but don't judge it...) :D