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  • Lovely Imperfections
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    "Why would a guy like you like a girl like me? The girl who dreads waking up the next day, the weird girl who is quiet. There's so many more girls out there who are better than me Jeydon, I'm not pretty or smart or talented. I am not special, why me?" I ask tearing up. "Why do we only make wishes on shooting stars...

  • How we met-Jeydon Wale
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    what happens when you run into jeydon and the side walk? read and find out

  • Bully - A Jeydon Wale Fanfic
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    Riley - a 15 year old girl is bullied everyday by Jeydon Wale. She hates him, bye she really likes him. What happens when Jeydon locks Riley, Marisa, Drew and himself in their school. Just read and you'll find out!!