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  • Fake ➢ CAKE
    290K 18K 40

    a journal named fake, written by luke hemmings. | Copyright © mgcthood, All rights reserved 2014

  • demons ≫ cake
    37K 1.3K 59

    "the demons moved from under my bed to inside my head" (may be triggering: contains drug abuse and self harm.) *small letters necessary*

  • Pretty || cake
    605K 28.3K 26

    "I think that skirt would look really pretty on you." "I-It isn't for me..." "Are you sure? Forgive me; the pink Vans and daisy flower crown misguided my judgment." All Rights Reserved.© WriteDrunk 2014. Completed.

  • corny ↠ cake [in editing]
    36.6K 2.2K 16

    ❝ why don't they play poker in the jungle? ❞ ❝ i really don't care. ❞ (lowecase intended)

  • speak for me
    189K 11.2K 117

    "thank you." © anobain 2015