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  • Sanity
    20.5K 1.2K 21

    "When you lose the thing you need the most, It kills you inside." After a dark past, Tyler Christie has been a patient at St. Clark's mental hospital in Canada for a while, the voice in his head taunting him, making him want to break. Telling him why he's friendless. But when Tyler meets a new patient, things start to...

  • Saviour {Book 1 of The Shade Legacy}
    1.8M 49.4K 47

    Lives end every day, but every now and then one is saved. Not every day do you save people's lives though. And not every person wants to be saved. But when you do save a life...It changes something in you. It makes you feel like you're some type of a hero... Some type of a Saviour... **can we note that this was my f...