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  • Fire: A Kai Smith Fanfic
    5.8K 270 20

    You were a ninja. The master of potions. You could defeat an enemy or stun them with any potion you had or could brew. One night you went to the city to defeat your old enemy. As you fought a red ninja arrived at the scene as well. He was amazed by you and surprised that your a ninja as well. After your little battle...

  • Lightning: A Jay Walker Fanfic
    5.4K 208 20

    One day you were messing around in your father's recording studio because you really loved to sing and it was your dream. Until a man in a white beard and a weird hat with a staff walks to the window. You take off your headphones and walk out of the room. The man explained you have the destiny of a ninja and you agree...

  • Earth: A Cole Bucket Fanfic
    6.6K 192 20

    It was a normal day for you until suddenly you get kidnapped by a serpentine. You yell for help but you felt as if no one was going to help you. You felt like this was going to be it for you. Meanwhile on the monastery the ninja hear of trouble down in your village so they split up and Cole went down to defeat a serpe...

  • Elemental Love Series: The Bonus Book
    4.1K 241 53

    Hey guys! Purple Ninja here! Before you read the extra material in this book, make sure you read the series first :) This book contains Bonus Features from the books: Fire, Earth, Lightning, Energy, and Ice. It'll have stuff like background stories, scenarios, and even some stuff requested by you guys! :D Wanna read s...