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  • Putting Back The Pieces Of A Broken Boy (BxB)
    9.8K 455 18

    Ash is a troubled new kid who just came to town hoping to go unnoticed. James is the loud outgoing guy who loves meeting new people Did I mention there both so far in the closet they found the queen of narnia. (I suck at descriptions)

  • Bad Boy In Love With the Emo Boy(BoyxBoy)
    702K 21.3K 33

    (Book*1) boyxboy Lynn McCain is your every day terrible boy. His 18, with his brown hair and stunning hazel eyes. He breaks the rules, gets in trouble regularly. Every girl in school wants him and drools over him. He dates girls but breaks there heart. Lynn is never one to stay in a relationship. That is when his attr...

    Completed   Mature