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  • Group chat » neymar jr
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    'If he didn't mistake the 83, you wouldn't know me at all.'

  • Love Me Again (ODA Sequel)
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    Katerina is back, and it's two years later. She's back in Canada, continuing to study in her university, continuing her normal life. She never thought she'd see Neymar again, not after what happened, she never thought of it. She was totally over him, or at least she thought. She made new alliances and goals in her lif...

  • Opposites Do Attract (A Neymar Jr Fanfiction)
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    Katerina is a girl from Toronto, Canada. She is just an average law student, who gets straight A's hates sports and cares about her appearance. She desperately needed a summer job. What happens when her friend find her a job. Where? At the Fifa World Cup ! She had to work with one team, Brazil. What happens when one s...

  • Apart | Neymar Jr.
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    •the sequel to "The Bad Girls' Game"• It is hard to see him again. Being all happy but not because of me. But because everything changed. Especially since we were apart. ©durmmels, 2014 || completed

  • The Bad Girls' Game | Neymar Jr.
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    Allison Smith is said to be the female heartstealer who attracts all the famous and handsome football players. Neymar Jr is said to be one of the biggest heartthrobs who has a new girl on his side every two weeks. Their managers both decide on one solution: dating for the media. ***AMAZING TRAILER BY @NEYMANIA THANK Y...

  • Best Mate's Sister (Neymar)
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    After Neymar Jr signed for FC Barcelona he got a really good relationship with Alexis Sánchez, and there is always a golden rule between best mates; the sister is out of limits but sometimes heart can't be ruled, at least not for Neymar. | book 2: brother's best friend |

  • Brother's Best Friend (Neymar)
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    It didn't matter how hard she tried to forget him, she couldn't. But looks like it wasn't too hard for him to move on. She is back in Barcelona, but this time, she's by herself. |Best Mate's Sister Sequel|