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  • Chris Brown Imagines
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    Completed   Mature
  • It's the soul that needs a surgery
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    "AHHHRGHHH!!!" I yell at the wall, with tears streaming my face. "I FUCKING HATE HERRRRRR" I scream, almost ripping my hair out. "She wasn't there" I sob, heaving with anger and agony. Chris rushes to me brisk and worriedly, taking his shoes off in the process. He sits on the bed behind me, and hugs my whole body, as...

  • 45 days of loyalty
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    this stoy is about a girl name kiera who was kicked out of her mothers house and soon went in to the "street business" she then meets a drug dealer name deric who draws her in and beats her. kiera didn't know that deric was a bad person that beats and ends up killing the girls who he were recently with deric has a son...

  • Chris Brown & YN Imagines & Stories
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    Chris Brown and YN (your name) Imagines! Freaky ! Sad ! Loveable ! You will love them ! I also write stories! So it's all in 1 pack!! Like Comment Follow ! Thanks Guys Love You <3

  • His Best Friend
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    La'Kayla as Kayla Phillips Travis as August Alsina Amber as Mila J Aaron as Trey songz Madison as Mimi Flaust

  • The passing *chris brown trilogy for losing hope*
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    Read roommate chris brown the first story! then losing Hope the sequel to roommate,Then read The passing which is the trilogy for losing hope.

  • Roommate chris brown
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  • Stay With Me::Chris Brown
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    I'm Torie... And this is a story about how I was in a deep..dark place.Not knowing how to get out.Abandoned by everyone I loved, and everyone I thought loved me.He saved me.Someone I didn't even know, But I wouldn't trade him for the world.

  • Being Beyonce's Daughter <3
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    ***NOTE THIS STORY WAS STARTED WHEN I WAS ALOT YOUNGER SO THE BEGINNING OF IT WILL NOT BE AS GREAT AS IT GETS TOWARD THE END ITS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING EDITED** Sometimes the person you'll spend the rest of your life with is so close , too close . So close you couldn't possibly imagine that things could turn out any...

  • Forced A India and Tyga Love Story -ON HOLD-
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    They are forced to be like there parents before her father dies and its to late ( I don't want to give to much out but I hope you enjoy it there will be action and drama)

  • X (New Flame Sequel) [RE-EDITING]
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    If you're only as good as the company you keep Then I'm a blame you for what they say about me (Free your mind, and let your conscience be free) When I was by myself I was fast asleep Since you came around I've been up for weeks (Free your mind, and let your conscience be free) Yi-yi-X, I've been with the wrong crowd ...

  • Fine China
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    When your best friend Chris falls for a new girl, and an old ex popping up, can you help him pick his ‘Fine China'?

  • Teach Me To Love. (Chris Brown Fan Fiction)
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    Professionality- is the quality of being professional. It is the art of maintaining a professional appearance and attitude while projecting tremendous amount of personality. Weak- liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged. Focused- a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity. These are...

  • Bestfriends, Right? (Chris Brown Fan Fic)
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    I never even imagined something like this happening. It was never something that crossed my mind. We were just friends. But now, we're not. We're more than that. We share a love that is mutual. A love that is strong. A love that is.. Different. My lover is my BESTFRIEND.

  • Love Me Harder. (Urban Love Story)
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    Lloyd thought he had his life planned out. No distractions in his life. It's all perfect. All he needed was money, and he was happy. Unfortunately, money can't control the feelings you have for someone. READ TO FIND OUT!

  • Chase Our Love (Chris Brown Fan Fiction) ❤️ *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*
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    Most people get annoyed when they get bumped into by others. Whether it be in school or outside. But, in Amy's case, it might've been the best accident ever. Chris and Amy find themselves falling for each other, in a short period of time, which is unlike the both of them. So, read to find out how they "Chase Their Lov...

  • Time For Love. ❤
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    Did you ever expect to fall in love with someone you made fun of and ignored? Anything can happen in life, whether it may turn out to be good, or come back and bite you in the ass.. HARD. Hence the reason people say- "What goes around, comes around."

  • Virgin
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    Sex addict Chris Brown has never been in love, he'd rather jut have sex. While his best friend Leah has never done anything sexual, will she end up feeling pressured to loose her virginity to anyone or someone special? Also, what happens when his ex keeps coming back believing to be Chris' soulmate.

    Completed   Mature
  • Crawl ( Chris Brown Story )
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    This is a story about two best friends falling in love. ( Chris Brown and Ashley Harris )But they also have there ups and downs but they always end up having a happy ending. Also some rated r stuff.

  • The One (Chris Brown love story)
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    Okayy soo...... Diamond just moved to Cali from Texas because family problems. She meet this boy and instantly falls in love and conceives a baby with him....... Is it love or what? <3

  • Dont think they Know *Sequel* ( The One cb love story )
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    One of the baby have an Umbilical cord wrapped around the neck, Micheal hunting August down. is Nicki going to get her @$$ whooped? Is Honey pregnant? will the baby make it? Idk we will find out on this Journey to death do us 'part.... " Chucking up the Deuces" ✌✌✌ - Chris Brown

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    "I love you too."

  • 🌿Chris Brown Imagines💫
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    Imagines starring you and Chris. There might be slow updates here and there, but hopefully you will enjoy this book as much as I did writing it. xoxo ~Ebony *New Book Cover* -same imagines,different username... Just wanted y'all to know. Copyright® All Rights Reserved 2015-2016

  • What could have been**Chris Brown**
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    Nicki is 18 year old girl who was completely devastated when her old best friend .chris moved along with life of fame ,but what happens when they meet again,will nicki forgive him or will she find the other side to Chris brown

  • What's Within A Heart (Chris Brown Love Story)
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    A girl falls in love with her Best friend Christopher Maurice Brown but you all may know him as CHRIS BROWN!!! But only thing is...she is in a REALATIONSHIP with her abusive baby daddy. One day everything changes and everything Is twisted the right way and love shines bright on them!!! Tyga and Blac Chyna are includ...

  • Stepbrother
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    Completed   Mature
  • In Love With My Stepfather: Chris Brown Love Story ❤ (Book 1) *Editing*
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    THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY BEING EDITED! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Highest Ranking: #1 In Stepdad ( 2x ) (COPYRIGHT© 2012) They say love has its strange ways of finding the two perfect couple and it's the truth. Stacy Ca'Shayla Minaj is the daughter of the beautiful Nessa Minaj and Drake Gramham and seems to take after her...