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  • Cømpletely Different (Book-2)
    32K 1.3K 27

    This is the sequel to Completely Different (Johnnie Guilbert)

  • Cømpletely Different (Johnnie Guilbert)
    414K 12.1K 77

    (NEEDS MAJOR EDITING!!) Dylan is only human. Why won't anyone let her live?.. Wait! Just wait a sec. A few people love her and she still thinks no one does. She's the only one holding herself back from everything. A guy named Johnnie is only trying to help her live hers life to the fullest but Dylan is a girl who is...

  • YouTube Presents... (A Kyle David Hall fanfic)
    149K 5.1K 53

    Amanda Sphinx is a popular Australian YouTuber who gets invited on Warped Tour where she meets four of her favourite YouTubers. When she falls for one of them, things start going well for her, until the hate starts rolling in and the pressure gets to both of their heads. They have fun, make mistakes, and fail to keep...