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  • The Hurt In His Eyes ( Michael Jackson Fan Fiction)
    7.1K 176 12

    Hey guys I started writing this years ago lol....but I was reading it over recently and I feel like it can be so much stronger and deeper in a I made the decision to rewrite it. It will still have the same concept haha but it will be stronger and much better I promise haha! If you guys have any questions or a...

  • The Seducer(MJ Fantasy)
    75.1K 1.9K 15

    Michael Jackson, King Of Pop, has an intense naughty side. A crazy sexual story on how Ashely Jones meets the one and only.

  • The Best New Year's Countdown ( Michael Jackson New Year's Fantasy)
    2.1K 56 1

    A Little New Year's Fun ;)

  • How to Write Michael Jackson Fanfiction
    43.8K 2.8K 52

    This book will just be tips in writing Mj fantasy and fanfiction in general

  • The Sexy Boss ~ MJ short perv
    4.4K 126 4

    Want Michael ? hungry for him ? Have him here ..

  • Book 1- 1965 (Michael Jackson)
    32.7K 2.1K 36

    COMPLETED (REWRITING) Book 1 of the original series. To sum this story up decently, this is about a teenage girl named Kayla. Now, little stubborn Kayla has a fate unlike any other in the only known "first" physical plane: she is Michael Jackson's Chosen One. A mysterious force takes her to Heaven one fateful night af...

  • Irresistible Eyes (Short MJ Perv)
    3K 41 1

    Michael has some beautiful eyes, he can never make you say no ;) lol this is for you Megan :)) ©All Rights Reserved DO NOT steal this material!

  • Michael Jackson the bully 2
    1K 51 2

    This story is a continuation from Michael Jackson the bully. But in the first book it jumped to when they where old. So now we are jumping before they had the baby so they'll still be teens. Enjoy! Vote and comment!

  • Michael Jackson the bully
    59.9K 2.2K 44

    This story is set now(21st century). Not in the 70's or 80's. This story is about a 15 year old girl called Kimberly but people call her Kim for short. Her parents are hard workers earning a lot of money. She has 2 older sisters. But in school there's a boy that Kim doesn't like. His name is Micheal Jackson(He is famo...

  • ▷Body Party◁✔️
    4K 57 1

    Who said you can't have a party made for two? (*^﹏^*) Short MJ Perv

    Completed   Mature
  • He Is Who I Want MJ Story
    6.7K 253 15

    For years he thought he was one way, he has always had a girlfriend, but when the new guy moves next door, he just might be open to something new and handsome. He will not be able to fight his true feelings and want what he has never had before.

    Completed   Mature
  • His Touch
    84.9K 1.8K 11

    Explicit Content... Hold on tight.. Nobody has ever seen Michael Jackson like this.

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Just Desire ♡ 18+ (Michael Jackson Fanfic)
    179K 6.9K 35

    When you're a friend of Michael Jackson, the unexpected is to be expected. Warning: A lot of strong crude sarcastic dirty sexual humor. Also a different side of Michael's personality. I hope you love it.

  • I'm in love with my maths teacher
    37.9K 1.7K 51

    This story is set now in the 21st century. It's about a girl named Charlie liking her teacher Mr Jackson. But before noticing that she likes her teacher, she use to hate him so much that she would get in detention with him everyday! So find out what happens! vote and comment ♡

  • The Way You Make Me Feel - A Michael Jackson Love Story
    1M 25.2K 181

    It all started in 1987, when supermodel; Tatiana Thumbtzen is casted in Michael Jackson's music video, The Way You Make Me Feel. Is it really true to see your love at first sight? As fame builds up for Tatiana leading into her having a singing career; dark secrets from her past come to haunt her. And people from the...

  • I Will Always Love You - Michael Jackson fan fiction
    204K 7.4K 101

    **Being Edited** Slow Updates** Historical Fan Fiction based from the 1970s into the 1990s. Main Characters For the 1970s: -Kalyani -Michael -Nelson -Jackson Family A first love is futile like the first snow flakes of a snowstorm. They are bound hit the ground and melt before any impact is seen. Yet as a first snowfla...

  • Nothing To Give But Love (A Michael Jackson Story)
    788K 22.8K 73

    19 year-old Alondra Cade didn't start out being homeless. The tragic death of her parents left her all alone. It forced her to drop out of college. She was too depressed to keep up with her rent, and her landlord kicked her out to the streets. Her current residence is a cardbord box and the corner of Daytona Way. What...

    Completed   Mature
  • Time Will Tell (A Michael Jackson Story)
    30K 2.1K 23

    They knew each other since they were little kids. When he shows up again, what will happen? Does she want to fall in love or walk away? Only Time Will Tell.

  • Michael Jackson Imagines and Short Stories
    85.7K 2.5K 27

    This section is dedicated to all of my Michael Jackson imagines and short stories.

  • MJ Fantasy: Michael Jackson Collection of Imagines
    647K 17.6K 81

    Looking for sweet, lovey-dovey scenes of you and Michael? Well, you've found the right book! ;) This is a collection of MJ's Imagines. I hope you like it :) Oh yes, everything posted here are 100% by me unless stated, okay? Comment and vote if you like it yeah? Tell me if you don't...

  • Jenn and MJ
    6.8K 107 9

    1,2,3 and ACTION! short steamy mjperv story ;)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Substitute Teacher
    1.4M 32.6K 177

    He's sexy, he's young and he's her substitute teacher. Sometimes obsession can get to a whole new level of craziness. 16 year old Ariana turns into melting ice when it comes to her Teacher, Mister Jackson. Soon enough, Ariana will find herself obsessing way more than she can handle. Meanwhile, Mr.Jackson will find him...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Very Sweet Tease ( Michael Jackson Fantasy )
    11.2K 178 1

    Warning: This is the DIRTIEST one ( in my opinion ) I have up here. Well, when you're a MJ Perv, that's sorta how your mind works LOL. This is the most "limit-pushing" one I thought of in a while. I don't know if I'll be doing more like this but I'll let you decide if I should continue to push said limits. But you pro...

    Completed   Mature