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  • Meant To Be
    5.3K 188 4

    Kagome storms off after catching Inuyasha with Kikyo once again shattering her heart into pieces and she's not alone. Thoughts- ' Talking - "

  • Felt alone without you~
    9.6K 203 3

    its a one-shot minaa san ^^ of our cutiee pair sesshomaruXkagome ~ kagome has vanished suddenly !! her pack is wondering where has she gone!~ but they don't have a clue. Guess minaa who have kidnapped our miko :3 well you can find out all that in my short storyfluffyness in it desu~~~ ***warning -- this maybe becom...

  • The Miko Bride
    5.5K 163 3

    Kagome is a powerful miko with legendary powers, youkai are starting to take notice. To save her village, she hope's her prayers are heard... This is an InuKami!Sesshomaru x Kagome 3 Part short story! This is an AU! DO NOT OWN THE COVER OR IMAGES! ONLY THE STORY LINE!

  • Under the Moonlight
    44.7K 1.5K 21

    It's been some time finally defeating Naruku. And life seems to have gone back to normal. But, there is trouble in paradise. Inuyasha and kagome's relationship has hit a downward spiral. He sneak out for night visits to his dead lover leaving a broken hearted Kagome to weep in her sorrows. A night just like any other...

  • I'm yours
    1.8K 86 2

    Inuyasha kicks Kagome out of the group crushing her and causing her to run off instead of going back home. Kagome comes across sesshomaru and his group. Kagome decides to travel with them and she soon falls for lord sesshomaru and he falls for her back.

  • warmth of fluffy (COMPLETE)
    111K 4.3K 48

    hiyo mina~ here I finally published my first story desu ^^ Hope you like it ne~ well, this is related to inuyasha anime. this story is about kagome and sesshomaru being couples and hey I know they r not a couple in real but I still very much like them. ^^ so here is it ##I don't own inuyasha and its character

  • Kagome x Sesshomaru
    55.1K 1.6K 8

  • SesshomaruXkagome Fanfiction
    101K 4.5K 39

    This is a Kagome and Sesshomaru Fanfiction! Imagine the possibilities. Kagome wasn't human, she isn't Kikyo's reincarnation and her family is a bunch of powerful old geezers! Btw, updates are kinda slow and progression is like super slow 2019 UPDATE: THIS VERSION WONT BE UPDATED ANYMORE - IM GOING TO DO A REWRITE

  • Kagome X Sesshomaru (Completed)
    70.3K 1.9K 32

    Kagome watches as her supposed lover admits his true feelings to Kikyo. Is the midst of heart break Kagome is sent scrambling through the woods in attempts to get as far away from Inuyasha as possible. But what will happen when she accidentally stumbles upon his older brother in the process. Read and find out more

  • Dog Demons and Their Love *ON HIATUS*
    50.7K 1.9K 22

    Kagome is actually from the feudal era and was born into a very powerful line of Miko's and Monk's and she even knew Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru's father. A terrible battle breaks out destroying her people and she disappears into the well. Leaving behind a broken hearted Sesshomaru, whom locks up his emotions, his memo...

  • Only with you~
    14.3K 549 19

    Abandoned kagome found new great mysterious friends but she still felt lonely. Here comes our killing perfection, Sesshomaru Sama. One day he got heavily injured and as fate would have it, it was Kagome who saved him. The journey to the happily ever after starts now. #The characters belonged to the owner of Inuyasha...

  • Kagome's secret (sess/kag)
    53.4K 2K 12

    Kagome is stuck in her time after the defeat of naraku. After three years she discovers the well is working once again , but she decides to seal the well so that no one can come through the well. After five years in the future she returns to the feudal era bearing a secret that will shock. (I have actually watch...

  • Sesshomaru In Love??
    32.5K 949 16

    When inuyasha chooses kikyo and not kagome....she gets hurt by naraku then has a weird dream that changes her into a demon miko then comes front to front with sesshomaru...will he kill her or keep her.. ( ON HOLD )

  • His Precious Miko {Sesshomaru X Kagome}
    25.8K 825 8

    While Following Soul Catchers Kagome stumbles upon the Lady Kikyo and Inuyasha vowing to be mates. Inuyasha makes a final choice to be with Kikyo but wanting to be with his friends as well. Kikyo wanting nothing to do with Kagome pleads for Inuyasha to kick the Miko out and leave her for the demons to eat and he agree...

  • Priestess and Demon
    74.4K 2K 36

    Kagome is betrayed by Inuyasha. She runs away only to run into Naraku. What will happen to her?

  • Runaway from Love
    197K 6K 31

    The RRBZ have taken over the world and the PPGZ are in hiding. Everyone thinks that the PPGZ are dead but what happens if they came back with a plan to overthrow the RRBZ. Will they follow the plan or will love bloom? Pairings: BrickXMomoko/Blossom, BoomerXMiyako/Bubbles and ButchXKaoru/Buttercup Story originally belo...

  • How to train your dragon North meets South
    3.9K 781 59

    One day Hiccup was exploring with Toothless when they discovered a ship, he helps the people on board by letting them stay on Berk. Over time they will develop an unusual friendship between the Vikings and them. But their name and origin will change their lives forever

  • Η Κόρη Του Πάγου-Iceborn: Οι Φυλές
    1.5K 267 11

    "Θα κάνω τον χειμώνα να φαίνεται καυτός!" Τρεις πανίσχυρες φυλές, τρεις σύμμαχοι, αμέτρητοι φυλακισμένοι λίθοι, τρεις επικές μάχες. Μίσος, πόνος, αγωνία και κακό. Όλοι παλεύουν για όλους, ποιός θα κερδίσει και ποιός θα υποκύψει; Η δύναμη, η μοχθηρότητα ή η πονηριά; "Αυτή ειναι μόνο μία μάχη έχω κερδίσει τον πόλεμο..."

  • My Drawing book
    479 57 12

    I always see people with drawings and it's time to show you my drawing too but please don't make fun of my drawings I try ok!

  • Μy Sketch Book!
    3K 551 24

    Όπως καταλάβατε, σε αυτό το βιβλίο θα δημοσιευω τις ζωγραφιές μου , οι πιο πολλές είναι από άνιμε! Απολαύστε!!!

  • My Anime Drawings
    126K 8.1K 114

    My anime drawing that I do for fun~ Hope you all like it.

  • Drawings And Stuff
    2.6K 198 29 dis book am drawing and .... eeh just read

  • Τhe Red Angel In Varleban's Earth - Βιβλίο 1ο
    7.2K 740 23

    Εκεί που πιστεύεις ότι δεν υπαρχουν θρύλοι και μύθοι αναγκάζεσαι να ζήσεις ανάμεσά τους. Η Amelie ,μια ορφανή δεκαπεντάχρονη , που ζει λέγοντας ψέματα για την ζωή της ,συναντά τον μυστηριώδη Max. Ο Max αναγκάζει την Amelie να ζήσει σε ένα κόσμο χωρίς τη θέλησή της . Έναν κόσμο διαφορετικό από τους άλλους. Τον κόσμο...

  • Το παλιόπαιδο
    621 42 10

    Το ονειρό του ; Να ξεσηκώσει τον κόσμο . Οι γονείς του ; Τα έχουν πάρει στο κρανίο . Η Τζέφερσον ; Του έχει πάρει την καρδιά Ο Αουρέλ ήρθε με τους γονείς του στο Οχάιο ( καμιά σχέση με την Αυστραλία ρε φίλε) , τα κορίτσια τον θέλουν , τα αγόρια της τάξης του τον λατρεύουν , τα δημοφιλείς αγόρια τον μισούν και η Τζένι...

  • Anime Drawings ! (and random stuff)
    218K 10.1K 128

    Konnichiwa ! I am GeekForever17 and welcome to Anime Drawings . Well its not all about anime but random drawings . My drawing is not that good but its up to you . Thanks to everyone who supported my book or art book . Love you guys a lot ! WARNING - I'm a slacker.

  • The Big Book Of Randomness
    724 191 12

    Ένα βιβ... Ναι... Τέλος πάντων... Που θα έχει από συμβουλές, έως τελείως άσχετα θέματα πάντα σχετικά με το Wattpad :)

  • Σχολείο Για Εγκληματίες Βιβλίο 1ο (ολοκληρωμένη)
    3.5K 1K 55

    Μετά από τον θάνατο της μητέρας της η Αριάννα αποφασίζει να πάει να φοιτήσει σε ένα περίεργο σχολείο και φυσικά όχι για συνηθισμένους ανθρώπους. Το σχολείο ειδικεύεται σε εγκληματίες. Μεγάλος ανταγωνισμός πολλοί εχθροί αλλά και πολλά προβλήματα. Μετά από μια παράξενη επίθεση στο σχολείο και 2 φόνων που διαπράχθηκαν εκ...

    Completed   Mature
  • What am I to YOU? (Kyoya Tategami's love story)
    1.1K 101 20

    (Σημείωση από την συγγραφέα: Αν θέλετε να το διαβάσατε, το έγραψα όταν ήμουν δευτέρα γυμνασίου νομίζω and it is cringy af, άρα η ευθύνη είναι δική σας. Έχω αρχίσει να το ξαναγράφω με καινούργια πλοκή εντ σταφ αλλά δεν ξέρω αν θα το ανεβάσω ποτέ. Στείλτε μου μήνυμα για να ξέρω αν υπάρχει περίπτωση να το διαβάσει κανείς...

  • Οι ζωγραφιές μού #BAB
    5K 650 18

    Νομίζω ο τίτλος τα λέει όλα