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  • Castle of nations
    479 14 5

    A mannequin, A decoration, 2 statues, and 2 humans live in a park with a talking statue. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

  • The last Mob whisperer (remake)
    350 15 6

    It's been years since mob whisperers were rumoured extinct. It's been years since one has shone their face. Well up until now. All Steven/Slamacow knows is that he's a normal player who travels with a zombie and enderman. Then when weird things start happening to him throughout his Christmas break with his brother Mit...

  • Paranormal Action Squad
    3.5K 152 13

    Evan Fong, or, more commonly known as Vanoss, has been trying to get into the Paranormal Action squad for months. Both Paul and Eddie keep saying that he's not ready. This got to him, and after a while, he stopped trying. When out one day, Vanoss finds himself in the luckiest situation possible; He finds a crew lookin...

  • Rising Tides - ChrisDanny textfic
    1.9K 71 6

    When Danny receives the wrong number from Plum. When Danny texts Chris instead. Earth AU

  • It's Not Easy Being Wheezy
    1.8K 64 4

    A mishap in Danny's work makes Chris find out about his asthma and anxiety. Danny keeps trying to cover it up, and all Chris wants to do is comfort and protect his anxious friend.

  • AU Madness
    23.2K 727 14

    With a freak accident, Cory has been hit with an unstable ray. Simultaneously, Cory from all of the AUs that have been created also have been hit with the same unstableness . Now, these multiple...versions are popping in and out at an unpredictable rate. Who will come next? P.S. You can request any AU like FallOut or...

  • Family (DEH/BMC) - Sequel to 'Brothers'
    20.8K 677 36

    -Sequel to Brothers- -DEH and BMC Stepbrother AU- Evan and Jeremy are stepbrothers. It took a while for them to get used to each other, but now they're just like any other siblings. Except both of them are still trying to erase things that happened over a year ago from their memories. Evan just wants to forget the Co...

  • Brothers (DEH/BMC au)
    90.9K 3.3K 60

    Highest Ranks: #1 bmc #1 deh (Connor's still dead you thought this would be Tree Bros?) Jeremy's finally rid of the Squip. He's dating Christine, the girl he's liked for forever. Evan's been forgiven, Connor's voice in his head quieted. When their parents decide to get married, the two find it hard to adjust to their...

  • The Squip Squad (BMC/DEH Chatfic #2)
    14.7K 694 18

    This is the sequel to Cousins, where everyone from BMC is in a big group chat. includes, drama, romance, friendship, dead memes, and Hamilton references! I hope you all enjoy! Characters of Be More Chill belong to the Joes (Iconis/Tracz) Characters of Dear Evan Hansen belong to Steven Levenson Art belongs to its right...

  • Cousins (BMC/DEH ChatFic #1)
    22.2K 776 14

    Michael Mell and Jared Kleinman are cousins and they decided to communicate with each other using a groupchat. (This is basically, almost follows the plot of BMC and a little DEH, but only in Michael's POV and in groupchat form) Also, warning, characters will probably be out of character. Sorry. Art in the cover is no...

  • Dear Evan Heere {DEH BMC cross over}
    73.7K 2.9K 24

    Heidi Hansen and Doug Heere unexpectedly fall in Love. They keep this a secret from their sons until they decide to take the next step and move in with each other. Evan and Jeremy go to school together so they were aquatinted prior to this, even though they are in different grades... neither of them are very happy abo...

  • Be More Chill Reacts to Be More Chill
    116K 3K 34

    The Be More Chill characters react to the Two River Theater production of Be More Chill!! {{FINISHED}} ||Ranks:|| #3 in bmc (December 9) Thanks for 42.5k!!!! 0-0 hoLY- wait omg how did the read count get that high like wtffffff im not a good writer at allllllllll

  • BMC reacts to Be more chill broadway ver (discontinued)
    19.7K 504 21

    You probably know (I'm just gonna.. silently lose motivation-) I really forgot to add the credit for the script... Big thanks to Neo and Ethan on BMC amino for writing it!! #6 Be More Chill #2 bmc #1 brookelohst #1 chloevalentine #1 christinecanigula #1 jakedillinger #1 jennarolan #2 richgoranski #9 jeremyheere #5 mic...

  • Be More Chill reacts to BMC
    20.9K 472 17

    Ah yes, it's another one of those "BMC reacts to BMC"! The crew has been teleported into a blank room and now they sit there, watching their own lifes...AS A MUSICAL! How would they react to things that has happened to them already? Is there drama, trauma? Ready? Ok, he(e)re we go! °•○●□■□●○•° this book was mostly mad...

  • Be More Chill Watches Be More Chill
    19.7K 474 7

    What the title says. Haha. Okay bye.

  • Kindergarten: All Grown Up
    9.3K 205 14

    The Kindergarten gang has all grown up and is in high school, but what happens if the hall monitor from their kindergarten was murdered? Who did it? Can the old gang figure it out before it's to late? P.S. the main protagonist you play as in the game, I don't think has a name so I'm going to call him Mike. P.P.S. No...

  • Final Confrontation
    3.7K 178 16

    The finally to the Under the Effect trilogy. Important warning! Swear words will be in this story primarily from the virus and those possessed by it (also from Stumpt). Important warning #2! This story involves mentions of blood and some possible gore. After the hermits are left with a deaged Tango, and a strange, in...

  • Not the Same
    3K 122 7

    The sequel to Under the Effect! The hermits of Hermitcraft now deal with the returning problem of the strange virus that plagued them before. When a bunch of satellites appear in the sky and fire off into select hermit's bodies what will happen?

  • Under the Effect
    11.1K 401 10

    Another story because I enjoy having muti-projects to work on The hermits of hermitcraft are suffering from weird ailments. From Mumbo constantly lying, Ren and Doc acting like animals despite being people, Grian being unable to move, and other weird ailments that are making other hermits act weird. It is up to Iskal...

  • Another Side to The Hermits
    20.7K 656 20

    A strange portal has opened in the skies above Hermitcraft. Ren and Grian had been sucked in, and now Iskall, Doc, and Mumbo have to go in after them to find the shocking truth of the other side. Cover done by me This story may involve shipping of some type. This is also my first story that will be shared on both Devi...

  • Hermitcraft Oneshots
    16.9K 472 66

    So I decided to join the club, I guess. These will probably be terrible, but feel free to enjoy if you so wish!

  • Mythical Hybrid Hermits AU
    25.8K 873 10

    In this AU, the population is split into two halves. Humans and Hybrids. Long ago, a curse was placed upon a lake, far from human touch for centuries. But as humans explored and expanded out, it was discovered. The water appeared pure and clean. The humans were greedy and quickly started to bottle it and sell it into...

  • Hermitcraft Nonsense
    83K 2.5K 59

    Apparently all my books that aren't full fanfics are going to be "Nonsense" books? XD Theories, Short Stories, Oneshots, and more! Starting S6 and continuing into S7!

  • Hermit Animals AU Book 2
    15K 687 20

    Hermitcraft Animal!AU After the events of the first book; everyone is back to normal. Or at least they thought they were. Now everyone is learning to deal with their new "curse" as some call it while Evil Xisuma struggles to figure out his next move. That struggle doesn't last long however when he stumbles across som...

  • Hermitcraft Animal!AU
    57.4K 2.3K 37

    Hermitcraft Animal!AU When the Hermitcraft server suddenly is affected by a strange potion in the air, the Hermits all wake up as animals! Who did this and why? Will they be able to reverse it? Picture by @poweraph AU by me!

  • Wizards of Hermitcraft
    9.9K 433 13

    This is a wizard of Oz slight parody. The plot is changed slightly to fit the characters' interactions and reactions. A freak, magical hurricane hits the island of Hermitcraft causing every hermit to black out (this storm also hits EVO and the Stumpt crew). The hermits find themselves in a retelling of the Wizard of O...

  • Hermitcraft Shots
    230K 8.1K 102

    A compilation of Hermitcraft oneshots! I'll update whenever inspiration hits, so buckle up boys. All art (if there is any) is mine! Quick note, all of these stories are strictly platonic! I write them like best friends, so there will be intimate moments, but that's what real friends do! (Particularly if they're Rendog)

  • The Baby Named Samgladiator : Quest of the Books (book 2 of the baby series)
    415 13 5

    Sam, Grian and Taurtis have successfully gotten away from the wrath of the possessed Yuki, they are now on their way to the next book of the Odious series. The three have just left the station an are on the fastest train to Tokyo, will they find the next book? or will Sam become the next embodiment of Cthulhu? [warni...

  • The baby named SamGladiator ( A SamGladiator fanfiction)❤
    16.8K 519 21

    Ellen has free time, Sam is really generous, karma is mean Ellen has almost no free-time, so when she does have free time she asked Sam to help her with some work she has to do that involves potions, it amazing how much free time Sam has, also how horrible Taurtis and Grian and everyone else are at parenting.

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender; Book One: Water
    35.2K 813 20

    When Katara and Sokka, two children of the South Water Nation Tribe, discover a perfectly preserved and mysteriously alive, girl inside a huge sphere of ice, their lives change forever. This girl is the now mythical 'Avatar', the only human being in the world who can bend all the elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air...